Now everyone is quick to point the finger at the organization on this issue... Richardson and Hurney are being cheap.  You have an organization to run and you have to run it efficiently and effectively as possible.  How many times have you sat through games saying play the young guy... he has more talent.  For Christ sake we're doing it now with Greg Hardy!!! So when you have a season where you can purge your over paid veteran contracts and go with that "young guy" you do so. 


Our roster at the beginning of the season looked amazing, but still had question marks.  I was for Clausen to start overall... if he's the future let him be the future... even if its a short one.  Otah being out was a big hit but you game plan around it (that's where real coaching comes in).  Our wide receivers were young which was our only knock, but Smitty has done it soooo long by himself that they could only help.

Our pass rush was questionable but we had so much promise in Hardy, Everette, and Johnson especially after the preseason and our line backers and secondary looked great. 


So what went wrong... because that team should have been an 8-8 team to say the least.  Well what went wrong was Coaching and Coordinating.  Funny how Ron Meeks can gel a young defense together in a short period of time, but Jeff Davidson can't even get the offense to line up right... and he still can't here we are 9 games into the season still making changes on offense.


Pardon my frustration.


Fox can say what he wants but he's the coach... he even stated during the preseason that its good to have young talent because he didn't have to untrain bad habits, and that he could bring them up the way he wanted them. 1-8 later... its Richardson and Hurneys fault... man STTTOOOOOOPPPPP!!!!!! 


Someone please tell me why John Fox is sooooo good of a head coach.  There has been nothing special about what he has done all of this time, with the exception of a few seasons.  I haven't checked the stats but we have more wins added to us annually when the games really don't count and teams are resting players for the playoffs.  We pad our win total like that almost every year.  Take away those wins and look at our winning percentage then. 


What John lacks is fire...  it’s hot!!! Its contagious, and its replicated on the field.  Why is our team vanilla... because its a direct reflection of our coach sorry John "it is what it is". 




My interview with John would go likee this:



                                                             The Real Presser!!!



Why did we throw three interceptions in the red zone "it is what it is",  Why did you do a quarterback sneak twice on the goal line instead of giving it to the running backs who have been doing it for years.  I could see trying it once Fox but twice "it is what it is", why did we try a flee flicker to start a game "it wasn't what it should have been", How about starting Pike since Clausen is out "who is Pike and Clausen... how many years have they played... I should know this", Will Armanti get his chance "Come on people, we drafted him as a wide out with next years second pick, so conversely... he'll play next year" (Fox takes a swallow from his bottle of water) Was it your decision to start St Pierre "Well truth be told we're not a good football team right now, and St Pierre gives us the best chance to win right now" but he's only thrown 8 passes "Did you hear what I said the first time boy".  Why Have you given up on this team?


All of this Fox mess is just that... mess, a hot one at that. 


Rich fire him... not now, but Right now and let anybody else coach because it couldn't possibly... at this point... get ANY worse.  Let’s prep ourselves for the draft and get this young talent on the field or at least what the fans want to see because YOU owe us that much.         


I can't wait until this ingrate departs this team... if I offended anyone except John... "it is what it is".

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