Captain of the Tailgate: Keeping Warm Edition


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Winter is upon us Panther fans and that means no matter how nice the weatherman says its going to be on game day this is the Carolinas my friends; that means the weather could change from warm and sunny to bone chilling cold in half a day. There are not many things worse than being under dressed and unprepared for cold weather when you're sitting what seems a half a mile in the air in a stiff breeze. 

With that lets talk about the things we use to keep us warm on game day. We could build a checklist so to speak:

  1. Big coat with inside pockets to hide flask of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, a couple layers of shirts underneath;
  2. Toboggan for the cranium, preferably with Panther logo applied
  3. at least one glove for your drink hand; since the other will be in your pocket or raised in celebration of a Panther TD (not 1st quarter of the game
  4. If its going to be really cold the long johns under the blue jeans will keep your legs toasty and help keep your feet warm.
  5. Typically in Carolina you don't need any especially warm shoes for the feet unless its going to be wet. I'm sure we can all agree cold, wet feet suck

That should be enough to keep you fairly warm for even the worst Carolina winter day; almost. Now here's the most important part for those 21 and up. If you think no matter what you wear you'll be cold then you must, and I mean MUST, warm yourself from the inside out. No Jethro, I'm not talking about urinating on your hands.

Pull out that flask hidden away in item #1 above, get a Coke, Diet Coke or Sprite and add your favorite Captain Morgan product, stir and slurp. After about 3 of those you won't feel no stinkin cold! The score in the game won't bother you as much either. I've got a few more tips after the jump...

Here's another concoction for the post-game celebrating that fits today's theme. Not only does this one pack the punch you need but when I think of Long Island in the winter I think...COLD!

Long Island Spice Tea

Ok add 10ml Smirnoff Vodka into a cocktail shaker,

add 10ml Gordon’s Gin to the shaker,

10ml Jose Cuervo tequila to the shaker,

add 10ml of Grand Marnier to the shaker and the piece de resistance –10ml of Captain Morgan ® Original Spiced.

Add 50ml of equal parts water, sugar, fresh lemon juice & fresh limejuice.

Give it a shake. Add Cola and pour over ice into a tall glass. Drink responsibly – Captain’s Orders! Serves one person, contains 14.85 grams of alcohol


If you're still cold, then here's another tip for staying warm. Warm in grab a honey and hold tight. The Captain demonstrates:



If I may digress slightly, I joined the Captain Morgan Facebook page simply because I loved the mission statement:

My mission is to inspire legendary parties anywhere, everywhere, anytime because I am the Captain.
I want you to turn the music loud, gather your crew, do the Pose and be proud to set sail with me!
I'm Calling All Captains to be part of my ultimate crew - to join me in conquering the night - Are you ready to join me in making tonight legendary?

I'm not sure I have a Pose...or a crew for that matter. Well, I got you guys! We'll have to come up with a Panther Pose! Join on up if you like to spice things up.

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