Panthers Get Interesting Re-Mock Draft Results

I ran across these the other day and found them on-point in the discussion about the Panthers ability to nail their draft picks. Walter Football re-mocked the 2002 to 2005 drafts and I found the Panthers selections very interesting. If you want proof the Panthers draft well then check the 2005 results, where they have the Panthers taking... 2005 NFL Draft Re-Mock
Carolina Panthers: Thomas Davis, OLB, Georgia

Actual 2005 NFL Draft Pick: Thomas Davis, OLB

My 2005 NFL Mock Draft Pick: Jammal Brown, OT

I'd say the Thomas Davis pick worked out pretty well for the Panthers. Let's keep it that way.

Yes it did work out pretty well... So did this one, in which he gives a player we got in the 3rd round! 2004 NFL Draft Re-Mock: Picks 17-32
Carolina Panthers: Travelle Wharton, G, South Carolina

Actual 2004 NFL Draft Pick: Chris Gamble, CB

My 2004 NFL Mock Draft Pick: Matt Ware, S/CB

This is the penultimate pick of the 2004 NFL Draft Re-Mock, so I have to mention that I lost Picks 17-32 of the original version. I had to do the bottom half of this re-mock all over again, which was a pain in the a**. So just let me mock current guard Travelle Wharton to the Panthers and let me be.

I still think the Chris Gamble pick was a good one...Oh, now this next one is juicy. I like Jordan Gross but if we had instead drafted... 2003 NFL Draft Re-Mock
Carolina Panthers: Troy Polamalu, SS, USC

Actual 2003 NFL Draft Pick: Jordan Gross, OT

My 2003 NFL Mock Draft Pick: Marcus Trufant

CB Mike "After Dinner" Minter was a solid player for the Panthers, but perhaps they would have stopped Tom Brady on one of those second-half drives in the Super Bowl with Troy Polamalu in the defensive backfield.

Imagine Troy P in our secondary all these years. Point is we still drafted a Pro Bowler....The 2002 one is another one I would love to have back: 2002 NFL Draft Re-Mock
Carolina Panthers: Dwight Freeney, DE, Syracuse

Actual 2002 NFL Draft Pick: Julius Peppers, DE

My 2002 NFL Mock Draft Pick: Julius Peppers, DE Needs: QB, OT, DE, RB, CB, OG, LB

Same position, different player. This Carolina Panther team had a ton of holes, including the defensive end position. Mike Rucker had nine sacks in 2001, but no other player had more than four. Dwight Freeney registered double-digit sacks in his first four seasons in the NFL.

Freeney instead of Pep? Who's with me?

We do not have a single wasted, early round pick over the four year period. I love it!

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