Troy Polamalu is to the Steelers What Jeff Otah is to the Panthers.



0-4 yes, but I'm not ready to hang up the towel yet. Call me crazy but i think there are to many positives on this team for us to give up.  The run game is lacking because the o-line is not getting any push. The passing game is lacking because the QB (pick one) is not getting any time and not much help from the WR corp.

We can all agree that the panthers offensive philosophy is bland. They call fullback leads, iso's, power runs with pulling guards, and short dink and dunk passes.  The game plan is built around ball control and the athleticism of our players to make a big play.  The core plays have been the same since Dan Henning was calling the power off-tackle for Stephen Davis, then the bubble screen to Steve Smith, then the short crossing pattern to Mushin Muhammad.  The only thing that ever changed the names(Colbert, Foster, Williams, ect).  So teams have always been able to game plan against our offense but they didn't have the ability to stop it.  


Don't you remember when you went to work and the guy who's team we were about to demolish would say, " All you guys do is run the ball and throw it to Steve Smith!"  and you would smile and say " We don't need to do anything else, you can't even stop what you know is coming!"  Now we get upset because they play calling is so predictable.  You might think teams are stopping us, but no we are stopping ourselves. 

If our offense is to work we have to have great not good but excellent o-line play.  In order for a pull play to work every other man on the line must hold his man at the point of attack. Then you have to have a lineman agile enough to get in front of the play, and a FB that can seal.  We don't have that right now because we have an o-line that is playing with 2 back-up guards at our most important running side.  Opposing defenses are able to rest pass rushers on first down and bring blitzes on passing downs because the o-line is porous.

This is causing all kinds of mayhem in the passing game.  The receivers don't have time to beat zones because the qb's don't have time to find them. Go back and watch our good games from years prior and you will see that our slow run-blocking wr's get open. review tonight's game, our successful passes happen when the Qb has 3.4 seconds or more to find the open man. Granted, every Qb need a least that amount of time but when you factor in that Peyton Manning's passes are out of his hand in 3.2 seconds or less, or that Drew Brees' passes leave his hands in 3.6 or Tom Brady3.4.  Then you could see that none of these top rated Qb's would be successful behind our o-line.


So the hope is that with Otah or some resemblance of a right tackle we would have a much better "Team".  The offense will still be as boring, but it will be more successful as a whole.

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