Captain of the Tailgate #1 - Road Game Edition

We have a new feature starting this week and its called Captain of the Tailgate sponsored by obviously Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum. Tailgating activities is not a topic we have discussed too much on CSR so I think its ripe with topics. Yet I'm not going to talk every week about my preferences...I want to hear about your tailgating traditions.

So I'm going to start it off but please lets hear from you in the comments on your favorite tailgating food, spirits, music, games, activities, traditions, gear, gadgets, & locations.

This week's featured tailgating activities are after the jump...

Sponsor video below:

Since the Panthers are on the road this week the tailgate is replaced instead by a number of options, including backyard barb-ques or other 'special' locations. Hence, Captain of the Tailgate Week 1 starts with a picture of a great palce to watch road games, at this fans Garage Mahal!



What a glorious Panther Lair huh Panther fans? You can read the whole piece here...


Featured Music was easy, its called Panther Tailgate by Simplified. Find it in the list below and give it a whirl.



Featured food? Wow, that is a hard one but since I'm leading this one off I'm all about....

Steaks and ingenuity!!


Now that is a classic backyard bubba grill for us southern gentlemen!



Next up is the all important beverage. If you prefer barley and hops see this link for Sir Pours Brew of the Week. If your like me and need something with a little kick to get your football experience 'kicked off' then try this simple classic:

Captain and Cola

Cola is the perfect accompaniment to Captain Morgan ® Original Spiced Rum. Why? Because the mix accentuates the vanilla notes naturally produced during the maturation process to create a LEGENDARY MIX!


  • 1.5 oz. Captain Morgan ® Original Spiced Rum
  • 6 oz. Cola
  • 1 slice lime


  • Add Captain Morgan ® Original Spiced Rum and cola in ice-filled pint glass
  • Garnish with lime

Serving Facts

Captain Morgan ® Original Spiced Rum contains 0.525 oz. of alcohol per serving.



My advice is don't skip the lime, its key! A couple of those and you will be ready for kick-off!


Last up is 'activities', and if you've been to a Panthers game recently you have seen how popular this game has become and it plays just as well at home. Here's a choice Panthers theme:



That is some serious detail for a corn hole board!

So that's my Tailgate preferences for the week! Let's hear yours Panther fans or even better post pictures of your tailgate experience.

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