Anatomy of a QB- Who does Matt Moore most closely resemble?

CHARLOTTE NC - OCTOBER 24: Matt Moore #3 of the Carolina Panthers is introduced in the starting lineup against the San Francisco 49ers during their game at Bank of America Stadium on October 24 2010 in Charlotte North Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Following Carolina's first victory of the season I was talking with some friends and family about who we thought Matt Moore resembled as a QB. I think most football fans do it; we take a rookie or a young player and try an find an analogous player who has already been in the league to discuss their traits. A lot of names were thrown around: Aaron Rodgers, Matt Cassel, Drew Brees... at one point Peyton Manning's name was mentioned. At this time I honestly didn't know who to liken Moore to so I underwent the process of comparing Matt Moore as a starter for the Carolina Panthers to different players around the league.

I looked at Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers- four players who are in my opinion the best four quarterbacks currently in the NFL. None of them really clicked, the stats didn't match up nor did they're styles of game. Then I found the closest statistical relative to Matt Moore as a starter- and I was excited.

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Jake Delhomme- circa. 2003-2008


To be clear look at those circa dates. Obviously Jake Delhomme sullied he reputation with a lot of fans here in Carolina after his 2008 playoff meltdown and subsequent 2009 decline. However, too many people forget what I good quarterback Jake Delhomme was from 2003-2008, a Pro-Bowler in 2005 he was regarded as a top 10 QB for many of those years, and thus far in his young starting career Matt Moore is almost in a dead heat with Delhomme.


The Stats

For the purposes of this analysis I looked at team win % as a QB, pass completion percentage, average yards per completion, average yards amassed per start, TD/INT ratio and finally QB rating. To be clear, these are only stats amassed as a starter- for example Moore's relief in the Chicago Bears game this season, or in week one of 2009 weren't counted.


Jake Dellhomme: 49/31 (0.632) record as a starter, 60.3 % completion, 7.35 yards per completion, 214.53 yards per start, 1.57 TD/INT ratio as a starter, 89.18 QB rating as a starter


Matt Moore: 7/4 (0.571) record as a starter, 57.6% completion, 7.0 yards per completion, 197.18 yards per start, 1.87 TD/INT ratio as a starter, 87.54 QB rating as a starter


Notice the similarities? That's right... there is less than a 10% deviation in every statistical area. Granted, they are different players who played with different teams- however, in looking at various QBs around the league you can find this similarly small >10% deviations between similarly equipped players; for example in almost all areas Manning, Brees, Rivers and Rodgers have a less than 10% deviation in these statistical areas- hence making them comparable quarterbacks, despite playing for four different teams. This of course doesn't measure leadership, motivation or other key factors in QB success.


I recorded the same statistics for Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers- sadly... I left these numbers at my office. So, first thing tomorrow morning I intend to update this post with those statistics as well as an average of those four QBs to get an idea of what areas Moore needs to improve in statistically to become one of those elite, top-5 quarterbacks.

UPDATE: I said I would get the new stats in, and here they are.


Peyton Manning: 135/63 (0.681%) win percentage, 64.9 % completion, 7.7 yards per completion, 262 yards per game, 2.07 TD/INT ratio, 95.5 QB rating.


Drew Brees (with the Saints): 42/70 (0.600%) win percentage, 67.42 % completion, 7.68 yards per completion, 290 yards per game, 2.0 TD/INT ratio, 96.56 QB rating


Philip Rivers: 48/23 (0.676%) win percentage, 63.14 % completion, 8 yards per completion, 241 yards per game, 2.36 TD/INT ratio, 96.42 QB rating


Aaron Rodgers: 21/18 (0.538%) win percentage, 64% completion, 7.8 yards per completion, 264 yards per game, 2.41 TD/INT ratio, 95.3 QB rating


And since a few people asked...


Tom Brady: 133/32 (0.759%) win percentage, 63.62 % completion, 7.24 yards per completion, 242.3 yards per game, 2.25 TD/INT ratio, 92.42 QB rating


From this we can see that the key areas Matt Moore will need to evolve in to be in the top tier of NFL quarterbacks is essentially all of them, but he's not too far off.

For now though it appears statistically that we have an almost dead ringer for 'Good Jake' as he was sometimes dubbed- and that isn't a bad thing, not by a long shot.

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