Panthers Glorious Offensive Play-by-Play Analysis vs 49ers

Of course, this is just the 13 series that we ran on Offense, as the Defensive PbP is just too time-consuming.



But Oh Joy Abounding! - it is fine and righteous to be able to annotate a win.  If I get too slurpy about our fine fellows, be advised that I'm silently wiping my chin, from time to time.  Fortunately, there are a lot more plays to describe than the previous norm, as we controlled the ball for over 36 minutes of the game.

Series 1.

Q1, 14:54, 1and10, C34.  We line up here with an OL of Gross, Wharton, Kalil, Schwartz, and 65 Garry Williams, at RT.  There's a 2WR set (Smith left, Gettis right, in motion; King the TE, right, Fiammetta and Williams in the I, Moore UC.  Our standard run off RT gains only 1.  Fiammetta blocks nobody, and Schwartz leads his man right into Wms' path.

14:35, 2and9, C35.  Now D-Will is the lone back, as King and Barnidge are the TEs.  D-Will starts up the middle, but this is the designed cut to the left outside that we've used successfully the last 2 games, in our first series.  It goes for 10, and a FD, due to fine blocking by King and Rosario (in, not as a TE, but split out left, then in motion right.)


13:50, 1and10, C45.  Set up to pass, but finding no-one open, Moore scrambles left, and picks up 3 yds.

13:12, 2and7, C48.  Stewart, now in at RB, runs for only 1.  Had Fiammetta or Schwartz made their blocks, the cut to the left side could have gone for 5-6 or more.  That's now twice they've cost us yardage on run plays.

12:32, 3and6, C49.  3WRs in, Gettis left, Clowney and Smith rt, with Smith motioning into the slot, then running a zig in and out to the rt sideline.  The pass is intended for him, but he's blanketed, and the pass is incomplete and high, probably on purpose, but who knows?    We are forced to punt.

Series 2.

(After our D gives up a ridiculously easy score, on only 5 plays, to go down 0-7; and then the second good KR by Goodson, giving us good starting field position again.)

Q1, 10:20, 1and10, C35.  Still with Fiammetta and Williams in the I, Smith and Gettis the 2WRs, King the TE rt.  A swing pass to Williams, gains 3.

9:44, 2and7, C38.  A run by D-Will gains 3.  Nice block by Garry Williams, pulling left, or it's no gain.

9:08, 3and4, C41.  Our first offensive sign of life, as Moore converts a 3rd down with a slant pass to Smith, for 12.  The 49ers rushed 6, but Moore stays in the pocket, and D-Will makes a nice block, picking up the blitzer.  Nice formation here, with 2WRs set rt, and Smith starting our left, going in motion to be the slot man right, dropping in the zone behind the 2 WRs.  Hard to defend this, and we should use it more often.

8:29, 1and10, S47.  The pass from Moore is right on Smith's hands at the S29, but he drops it.

8:24, 2and10, S47.  After a good pump-fake, Moore hands to Wms on a draw, and it gains 8.  Credit where it's due, as Fiammetta and Schwartz both make nice blocks on this one, as does Gettis downfield (not a factor here, as Wms is tackled just before it would have freed him for a really big gain.  But I note it, because it's the type of block Moose used to make last year, and augers well for the future.

7:40, 3and2, S39.  Quick slant and stop to Gettis, over the middle, gains 9, and another 3rd down conversion.  The announcers note, "That dude can run," citing his 3-time California H.S. 400 meter championships.  Foreshadowing things to come.

7:21, 1and10, S30.  Run by Stewart gains 2.  This a sweep right, and a good block is made by Gettis on one CB, but Nate Clements comes up to stop the play.

6:29, 2and8, S28.  An attempted screen to Stew is tipped at the line, incomplete.

6:23, 3and8, S28.  3WRs, 2L, 1R; Wms the lone back.  This was a run all the way, off RT, and never had a chance.  I can't understand the play call on this one.  But on 4and9, Kasay comes through, and kicks the first of his 3 FGs, this one from 47 yds out.  It's now 3-7.

Series 3. 

(After the first PR by Steve Smith since 2008 - he Fair Catches, fumbles, then recovers, at our 15.)  Note that it was good pressure from Charles Johnson, on 3and4, that forced the punt by the 49ers.

Q1, 0:35, 1and10, C15.  From a 2TE set, Smith the only WR, D-Will runs for 8.  Excellent blocking by the entire OL, especially by Kalil and Schwartz, and Rosario coming in motion.  We had all 3 TEs in on the play, with Barnidge decoying out left on a pass pattern.  Williams was not even touched until he was 6 yds past the LOS, the hole was so big, off RG.

Q2, 15:00, 2and2, C23.  Again 3TEs in, Moore makes a good play fake, then fires to Williams over the middle, in FD yardage, but Williams takes his eyes off, and drops it, the second drop for Moore.

14:56, 3and2, C23.  From the lone setback position, D-Will takes a handoff, but is upended for a loss by the run-blitzing S Goldson, who made a great play, coming unblocked.  Nothing anybody could do about that one, (except catch the pass on the previous play.)  3andout, we punt.

Series 4.

(After a good Defensive stand forces their 3andout.  Note this was manufactured by a different DL, comprised of Hardy, Hayden, Ed Johnson, and E Brown.  I alluded on a different thread earlier that we confounded the 49ers offense on two plays in which we employed the "Times Square" defensive alignment.  On their 3and6, we had 9 guys up on the line, CBs, LBs, DLmen, none in a stance, all just shifting, jumping,  and milling around.  The 49ers had no idea who to block, and were flagged for a False Start, making it 3and11.  The next play we did it again, and they threw INC, having to punt.  Very effective, if used in the right spots.)

This series also comes after a fine PR by Smitty, for 32 yds, to our 47, as the announcer quotes Smith as saying I'm "going back to my roots" if it'll help the team.

Q2, 13:18, 1and10, C20.  Beautiful pass completion to Gettis for 20, and a FD.  Moore showed he'd surveyed the field on this pass, looking left, then right, and firing a hard strike to the cutting Gettis, who held on despite being hit immediately.  Very good harbinger of things to come in a few more minutes.  The pocket held well, thanks to good blocks from Kalil and Schwartz.

12:45, 1and10, S33.  Looked like we starting to roll here, but on the next play, D-Will tries to stretch it left, and is stripped of the ball, fumbling it over to the 49ers.

Series 5.

(After a SF FG makes it 3-10.)

A2, 8:44, 1and10, C20.  A 21-yd completion to Smith starts us off on a 10-play, 6+ minute drive.

8:03, 1and10, C41.  Stew runs off RT for 5.

7:28 2and5, C46.  Outlet pass to Rosario is complete, but for no gain.

6:42, 3and5, C46.  Moore attempts a deep pass to Clowney, but he's interfered with, and the DPI penalty gives us a FD.  This was the play that someone noticed Smith open and waving for the ball, downfield left, deep.

6:37, 1and10, S40.  A run by Stew gains 3.

6:00, 2and7, S37.  Same set, same play, same result.

5:18, 3and4, S34.  A pass attempt to LaFell is again flagged for DPI, giving us another FD.

5:12, 1and10, S29.  A standard 1st down run by D-Will gains nothing.

4:30, 2and10, S29.  Noticing the CBs playing 8 yds off Smith wide right, Moore audibles for a smoke route, and it quickly gains 7.

3:58, 3and3, S22.  A lot to talk about on this play.  We set up with 4WRs, Rosario and Gettis left, Smith wide right, and King in the slot left.  Stewart is the lone back, but he motions to the slot right, leaving an empty backfield.  All 5 guys go out, and, as he's hit, Moore completes to Rosario for 4, and a FD.  The tackler, S Goldson makes a rodeo tackle on Rosario, driving his helmet into the turf hard.  No flag is called for UR, I guess because the receiver was not a QB, or defenseless.  Sure looked like UR to me.

3:16, 1and10, S18.  Stewart runs for no gain.

2:35, 2and10, S18.  Barnidge is the TE left, and goes in motion, but the only WR is Gettis.  (I'll interject this now, as someone said they had difficulty identifying Gettis from LaFell, since both are about the same build and both have numbers starting with a 1.  I've decided that Gettis stands more hunched over at the LOS than does LaFell, if that helps.)  Anyway, this is the first Play of The DayGettis makes an outstanding double move on his defender, leaving him stumbling for balance, and Moore finds him with a perfect strike in the EZ, for the TD, tying it 10-10.

Series 6.

(After another defensive 3andout, with good pressure brought twice by Greg Hardy.)

Q2, 1:12, 1and10, C20.  Now in the shotgun for the first time today, and with Mike Goodson in the backfield for the first time, Moore finds LaFell for 9.

0:55, 2and1, C29.  Another completion to Gettis, for 6, and a FD.  Moore calls our second Time Out.

0:42, 1and10, C35.  A safety blitz sacks Moore for a loss of 5.  No blocker was back there to pick him up, as Goodson had gone our for the pass.

0:18, 2and15, C30.  We run out the clock, with a rush by D-Will gaining nothing.  (At halftime, Moore was 11 for 15, with 2 drops, for 109 yds, and a TD.  We had 10 FDs to their 9, 146 yds to their 181, and our TOP was 17:17.)


(After a 2nd down sack by Charles Johnson knocks Alex Smith back to his 2, and out of the game, bringing in David Carr at QB the rest of the game.)

Q3, 13:45, 1and10, C43.   Run by D-Will gains 3.

13:15, 2and7, C46.  Pass complete to Rosario for 7, and a FD.

12:39, 1and10, S47.  Another run by Williams, another 3.

11:56, 2and7, S44.  Offsides on the 9ers.

11:56, 2and3, S39.  An unusual formation: D-Will the lone back, Smith set left, bunch right with King and Gettis, and Rosario between them in the slot.  From this we run D-Will for 5, and a FD.  Kalil makes 2 blocks.

11:11, 1and10, S34.  If I'm not mistaken, this was our first penalty of the game, a FS on Gross.

10:47, 1and15, S39.  Moore throws a bomb to Smith, out of the slot, in the EZ, broken up by S Taylor Mays.  Smith gets a hand on it, but the well-thrown ball seems to catch Smith getting there a 1/2 step late.  I say that because he comes up with leg cramps, and has to go to the locker room for some IV fluids.

10:18, 2and15, S39.  A rush by Stewart gains 2.

9:59, 3and13, S37.  Goodson in as the lone back, and a rollout screen designed to go to him isn't there, as Goodson's unable to navigate through the cluster of linemen, and Moore throws it into the ground, incomplete.

9:53, 4and13, S37.  Kasay comes on and drills a 55-yd FG, putting us up 13-10.  Clutch!  This makes Kasay second all-time for FGs over 50 yds.

Series 8.

(After another defensive 3andout)

Q3, 8:19, 1and10, C28.  Stewart is the lone setback, with Fiammetta set up in the slot.  Moore takes a hard hit, because Fiammetta makes no effort to block the blitzing LB, but he completes to Gettis, for 6.

7:56, 2nd4, C34.  Stewart takes the handoff, and makes a poor run.  First he runs into Wharton, who's pulled to lead block for him, then is slow in trying to get to the outside, and is tackled for only a 1 yd gain.

7:12, 3and3, C35.  Going to the shotgun , with 3WRs out (Gettis and Clowney left, LaFell right), Moore finds LaFell for 14 and a FD.  Moore is hit by their blitzer, but steps up in the pocket nicely, and waits for his man to come open.

6:30, 1and10, C49.  Nice run off LT by D-Will, for 6.  Good surge of blocking by the OL, and Fiammetta.

5:56, 2and4, S45.  Williams runs for 2.

5:18, 3and2, S43.  DE LaBoy crosses the LOS, and Gross alertly jumps up, causing Encroaghment to be called on them.

5:02, 1and10, S38.  Smith is back in the game, but Moore badly overthrows him, incomplete.

4:40, 2and10, S38.  D-Will gains 2 on a rush, but after the whistle, Smith is called for UR, costing us 15,   Questionable call, IMO, but he did pin his man to the ground after blocking him.  Not very rough, by today's standards, though.

4:27, 2and23, C49.  Out of the shotgun, with plenty of time, Moore completes to Smith over the middle, at their 38, but trying for extra yds, Smith has the ball knocked loose and fumbles.  Good play, bad play.  (Maybe Smitty should have taken more time in the locker room.)

Series 9.

(After their FG ties it at 13-13.)  Note: we manage to keep the ball for about 11 minutes of the 4th quarter, for 5 series.

Q4, 14:531and10, C11.  Stewart runs for 3, our signature 1st down play.

14:23, 2and7, C14.  A screen attempt to Fiammetta is incomplete.  The pass is slightly high, but Fiammetta makes no attempt whatsoever to try for it.  On the play, Gross misses his block badly, leading to his man rolling over Moore's ankle.  It looks worse than it is, and Moore hobbles around and walks it off.  There's talk of this violating the Brady rule, but no penalty is called.  Fox is livid on the sidelines.  He's very much into the game, in case any of you persist in thinking he's "checked out."

14:19, 3and7, C14. After calling a T.O., and from the shotgun, Moore makes a great 3rd down conversion to LaFell, for 15, and a FD.  LaFell ran a great deep comeback route.

13:45, 1and10, C29.  Ho hum.  Stewart runs for 3.

13:04, 2and7, C32.  Here's the play Moore regrets, and the one he says he panicked on.  Back UC, with Stewart the lone back, and Smith, Gettis and King all wide left, Moore drops to pass.  There are 3 problems on this play, leading to Moore's "panic."  First King blows his block, bringing immediate pressure from the left.  Second, Garry Williams stands around confused, and blocks nobody, the most likely target being the DL who happens to be able to stand directly in Moore's path to his intended target, Stewart, on a screen.  Third, Stewart doesn't turn around, but heads upfield.  The more times I study this play, the less I fault Moore as the only culprit here, and think his "panic" statement is just a nice way of deflecting blame from the guys who missed their assignments.  If #65 blocks his man at all, this INT doesn't happen, nor the TD. 

Series 10.

(After that fluky TD runback puts us down 13-20)

Q4, 12:48, 1and10, C18.  Aha!  A little deviation for a change.  Moore throws a flare pass to D-Will, gaining 8.

12:20, 2and2, C26.  Moore finds Rosario for 7, and a FD.

11:45, 1and10, C33.  Here we go stupid, calling two runs by Stewart, each gaining only a yard.

10:32, 3and8, C35.  A pass attempt to Clowney is incomplete, leading to a punt.  On this play, Schwartz is literally bowled over by the rusher he's assigned to block, bringing pressure right in Moore's face.

Series 11.

(After another defensive 3andout, they punt, and Smith makes a nice 19 yd return, to their 41.  However, Goodson is called for Holding on the runback, and we lose the advantage.)  Hate to be a homer, but that was a ticky-tacky call.

Q4, 8:24, 1and10, C44.  Moore's back to throw, but Garry Williams misses his block on the LDE, and the QB's forced to throw it into the ground, to avoid the sack.  Actually GW looks lost again, and just stands around.

At this point the announcers state that Moore's QB rating for the game thus far is 76.4 - 18 for 29, 177 yards.  Interesting to compare those stats with how he wound up, and how that speaks to his abilities in the last 8 crucial minutes of the game.  In that last 8:18, he completes 10 of 12 passes, for another 131 yds, and another TD.

8:18, 2and10, C44.  Taking a 10-yd drop, Moore fires a bomb complete to Gettis, down the right sideline, for 39 yds.  From here on out, the 49ers are on their heels.  This makes 98 yds for Gettis, on 6 catches.  Not done yet.

7:51, 1and10, S17.  A 1st down run by D-Will gains 5.  Probably because now they've got to fear the pass.  No more 8 in the box shit.

7:10, 2and5, S12.  Another run, this time for just 1.

6:25, 3and4, S11.  LaFell, Gettis and Smith in at WR, Goodson in at RB, Moore in SG.  A screen pass to Goodson is sniffed out by LB Willis, and it loses 5 yds.

5:40, 4and9, S16.  One of the Plays of The Game, even though it results in a turnover on downs.  Fox decides to go for it on 4th down, eschewing the easy FG, which would've brought the score to 16-20.  Some observers, like Darin Gantt, hate the call, and say he should've taken the FG.  I say no - show some balls, and trust your offense, who've now shown they can move the ball, and that their WRs can get open, and that Moore can get it to them when they do.  So Fox went for the win, and almost got it right there.  (Note: before this, Carolina had gone for it on 4th down 10 times this season, converting on 5 of them.)   Moore threw a perfect pass, from the SG, with great protection from his OL, to Gettis, alone in the EZ, and he dropped it.  Instead of a go-ahead TD, it's incomplete, and they take over on downs.

<Now I'm going philosophical here, so skip ahead if you only want the play-by-play.  It's widely held that we only learn from adversity, and that old saw, whatever doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.  Well, witness how that holds true for Gettis, in the next few minutes, and how it also worked for Moore, after that pick6 before.  Both got redemption for their mistakes, and in a hurry.  My conclusion is it's only gonna get better for these two, who now have a very strong chemistry together, having succeeded despite their errors, and because of them.>

Series 12,

(After another great defensive 3andout, highlighted by Derek Landri's sack on 1st down.)

Q4, 1and10, C37.  For the duration of this 10-play drive, Moore operates out of the SG.  The first 5 plays, we send 4WRs out (Smith, Gettis, LaFell, and Rosario), but in differing alignments and sides.  Here's where all that pre-season work paid off.  In rapid succession, covering about a minute, Moore completes 3 passes, to LaFell for 9, to Gettis for 4, and LaFell again, for 9.  The next pass is tipped, incomplete. Then a False Start is called on Garry Williams.  Now it's...

3:11, 3and6, S46.  LaFell split wide left; Rosario, Smith, and Gettis all to the right.  Moore steps up in the pocket and completes to Rosario for 10, and a key 1st down.

2:35, 1and10, S36.  An Illegal Contact penalty is called on the 49ers, resulting in another FD.

2:29, 1and10, S31.  A pass to D-Will gains 4.

2:08, 2and6, S27.  Same play; same result.  Williams fought hard for every inch of those 4 yds.

1:59, 3and2, S23.  Smith set right; Gettis, LaFell, and Rosario all left.  Perfect pass in the left corner of the EZ to Gettis - TD!  Score tied 20-20.   This game-tying drive took 2 1/2 minutes, covered 63 yds, and Moore completed 7 passes, to 4 different receivers.  Brees-like?  Manning-like?  Rivers-like?  I'll tell you, I like.  Clock management, efficiency, precision, good decision making, accuracy - and all under time pressure.  And Steve Smith didn't catch a single pass!      PLAY OF THE GAME

Series 13.

(After the INT by Richard Marshall gave us a chance to avoid overtime.)

1:08, 1and10, C43.  Moore in SG, with a full house backfield of Stewart and D-Will, 3WRs out.  Moore throws a beauty downfield to LaFell, for 35 and a FD.  He wouldn't have had the time to wait on the receiver, had D-Will not made a fantastic block on the blitzing LB, Willis.  Gettis gets a shower of congratulations from everybody on the sidelines.  During all the excitement, Moore smartly runs to Fox to get instructions on how to proceed.  I can't read lips, but I'm betting it was "run, run, run, kick."

0:53, 1and10, S22.  Williams rushes for no gain, and comes up limping, out of the game.

0:49, 2and10, S22.  Back under center, now content to play for the winning FG, the next 2 plays are handoffs to Stewart, for gains of 2 and 1 yds.  This is delayed by SF using their last 2 TOs.

0:43, 4and7, S19.  John Kasay comes on, and cooly knocks through the 37 yd winner.  23-20.


(aside to James, or Jaxon - please find a pic of Moore and Gettis, celebrating, if possible.  Thanks.)

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