Panther Paw Prints: QB Shuffle Edition

We've got a few choice Paw Prints for your Panther fans though coming off a bye week its hard to find something worthy that's also not a rehash of items already discussed. The CSR membership has been excellent at sharing new posts as they appear so thanks for that.

We have discussed at length the recent switch at QB. Here's one school of thought that the move will help eventual starter Jimmy Clausen:

NFL Blog Blitz: Carolina Panthers powered by
Also, I think the move benefits Jimmy Clausen. While the trial-by-fire approach has worked for other players, I’m a believer in the observation method. It’s not like Clausen can learn much while he’s on the ground and his receivers are dropping balls and committing penalties. Let the man get used to the offense and adjust to the NFL before forcing him to try to compete with an inferior team.

I think it makes sense though I can and have supported the notion of trial by fire for Clausen.Here's another guy that agrees with the move:

Carolina quarterback decision makes sense - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Fox went with what probably is the lesser of two evils and the safest choice at the moment. The Panthers have struggled everywhere on offense and there’s not likely to be a sudden turnaround with a change of quarterbacks. But going with Moore fits the current circumstances. The San Francisco 49ers are coming to town. San Francisco is not very good either and that means the Panthers have a chance to win. Although Clausen might have the brighter NFL future, Moore probably gives Carolina the best chance to win this week.

I thought he threw the ball pretty well there at the end of the Bears game in spite of the 2 INTs...

I knew when I saw this headline the Panthers would certainly be one of the teams, we're at #6:

No. 6: Carolina Panthers | NFL Trade Deadline: 15 Teams That Should've Made a Move and Didn't | Bleacher Report
Should Have Traded: Steve Smith and/or DeAngelo Williams It's time for the Panthers to come to terms with reality: They aren't going anywhere this season. The organization was vocal in saying Smith wouldn't be traded, and hopes to extend DeAngelo Williams at some point. At the moment, neither player is good enough to help Carolina show much improvement in the standings. With John Fox on his way out, the Panthers should have taken notes from the Patriots and started hoarding draft picks while cleaning house.

I admit I'm not going to be happy if Williams walks this offseason when we could have traded him for something. It's such a catch-22 because I want him to stay more than any other player needing a new contract. ..

The Bucs aren't fairing much better at RB than we are at WR:

Buccaneers have to shuffle RBs - NFC South Blog - ESPN
With starter Cadillac Williams struggling to provide any explosive plays, the Bucs had hoped to give Huggins more playing time and that he could spark the running game. But that no longer is a possibility and the Bucs will have to turn to backups LeGarrette Blount and Kregg Lumpkin.

I know, at least they have a winning record...

If you are also trying to guess as to what JR is thinking here's a guy that knows him pretty well:

Owner Remains Silent As Panthers Stand At 0-5 - Sports News Story - WCTI12 New Bern
"Rebuilding the team is something I'm confident is paramount in his mind," said Max Muhleman, a Charlotte-based sports consultant who helped Richardson's efforts to get the expansion franchise in the early 1990s. "How he's doing it, probably only he and a very small need-to-know group of people in the franchise know."

It seems to match JR's MO...

I cannot blame the players for feeling this way as it reflects the overall health care debate in America, and this guy actually has the money to pay for his health care straight up:

Panthers' Kasay gears up for possible lockout -
"I think one of the immediate things is the benefits we receive as players is not having health care if the lockout happens. That's an immediate issue. I'm married and have four children. That directly affects our family.

I hope all Panthers follow Kasay's lead...

This one perplexes me. Williams stock is at an all-time low?

Report: Panthers won't trade Smith, DeAngelo - NFL-
Schefter also reports that the team is not interested in trading RB DeAngelo Williams. Smith is signed through 2012, so the team has no reason to trade the Pro Bowl wide receiver. Williams is a free agent at the end of the season, but his stock is at an all time low. Smith remains an elite talent, but the Panthers aren't going to deal their only viable receiver with his value at its lowest point.

If that's true its still higher than most RBs in the league.

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