The Curious Case of Dwayne Jarrett

Panthers WR Dwayne Jarrett has two receptions for 40 yards in 3 games. This is the WR with the second in seniority on the roster behind Steve Smith, the guy expected to be our #2 WR. Rookies are instead starting in his stead. He's not injured so its obvious the Panther staff prefers to play other players. Unless you want to think the Panther staff is so incompetent that they wouldn't play their better players, then the only conclusion is he is an inferior player to the others on the roster.

But Jarrett still doesn't acknowledge it:

"I’m trying to work every day I’m out there to show them and prove to them that I can play," said Jarrett, who has two receptions for 40 yards this season. "I don’t want the fans to think it could be me, because it’s really not me. It’s just, I don’t know, it’s one of those type of situations.

   "I have to stay positive. Once you start thinking negative thoughts and not working as hard you can then things start to go downhill. I know what I can do and I think they know what I can do. I’ve been here for four years and they’ve seen me. And my peers see what I can do. I haven’t gotten any negative feedback."

So its not you, its a 'type' of situation and you haven't gotten any negative feedback.? Okay let me try to process that...

So the Panther coaching staff agrees Jarrett is better than Gettis and LaFell at some aspect of playing WR or maybe even overall but are instead starting either Gettis or LaFell because...(here comes the hard part) the other WRs better fit the game plan? The Panthers don't need a tall possession receiver with great hands?  Fox prefers to play rookies? The Panthers don't know talent when they don't see it? They don't need help on 3rd down? They want to give the rookies experience? No! Wait! I've got it....They just don't like him personally. So that's why he hasn't received any negative feedback, they don't want to talk to him.



I'm sorry that Dwayne obviously doesn't read this blog but I'm going to go ahead and put it out there and maybe it might get around to him kind of like a message in a bottle tossed into the ocean. just might be you. The 'type' of situation is 'competitive', meaning you have to actually be better than the other guys vying for your position. The way the system works is the coaches determine who is actually better ie...who plays and who doesn't. Have you asked the coaches for feedback because I can't imagine it went down like this:

Jarrett: "Hey coach, is there anything I could be doing better so as to get more playing time?" Coach: What? No way Dwayne, just keep doing what your doing and your turn will come." 


Jarrett Trade Discussed

After the April draft Jarrett's agent apparently approached the Panthers about a trade. Makes sense, they just drafted three WR's. But they were rebuffed:

"My agent has worked on that behind the scenes," Jarrett said. "We had a couple of talks about a couple of things. Of course, they don’t want to let me go or anything like that because they feel like I can help out the team. I guess it’s a matter of me getting that opportunity to help out the team."

Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Opportunity is mostly earned in the NFL unless your plan is to hope everyone else gets hurt mid-game. The only remaining question is why the Panthers don't trade him for whatever draft pick they can get. There is still time so let's see what happens first, the Panthers play Jarrett an entire game or trade him by the dead line.

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