Panther Defense Showing Ball Hawk Mentality

In an attempt to turn the tide of negative posts on this Panther fan site one very bright spot is the plays being made on the ball by the defense. The Panthers are currently 2nd in the NFL in interceptions with 9.

You could make a case this Panther defense flies like hawks, as in Ball Hawks!

Leading the charge is former Iowa Hawkeye S Charles Godfrey who leads the NFL with 4. When the Panthers hired Ron Meeks one of the first predictions is that Meeks would get Godfrey making plays in the secondary just as he did with the Colts Bob Sanders. Now I'm not saying Godfrey is as good as Sanders just yet, but the kid plays eerily like the Pro Bowl safety. Godfrey has always been a big hitter, to a fault as a rookie as he would fail to wrap up after delivering the blow. We see very little of that these days and instead see the 3rd year making plays on the ball.

Five Panthers have one interception each. Interestingly enough the breakdown of those five is 2 by DBs (Munnerlyn & Pugh), 1 by a LB (Anderson) and 2 by defensive linemen (Brown & Johnson). Who will forget big Ed Johnson picking his out of the air last week? Just a great play by him.

An interesting side note is that the NFC South currently owes the top 3 spots in interceptions as ATL leads with 10 and the Panthers and Bucs are tied with 9. Of course two of those by the Bucs were gifts from the Panthers so I put them in 3rd palce!

Here's another positive statistic. The Panthers lead the NFL in passes defensed with 41!

More positive stuff after the jump...

That's right, they lead in passes defensed and its not even close. In 2nd place is the Eagles five back at 36.

As you would expect Godfrey leads the team and is second in the NFL with 9 passed defensed. Second is nickel corner Captain Munnerlyn. Chris Gamble and Jordan Pugh have four, Richard Marshall has four and Sherrod Martin has two.

LB James Anderson is tied for 3rd among LBs with 4 passes defensed and has an INT as already mentioned. Did we ever think a SAM LB would be able to make so many plays on the ball?



Among defensive linemen, Ed Johnson is tied for 3rd with three passes defensed.


So when we talk about how the Panther defense is not the problem we can be specific about their ability to make plays on the ball and create turnovers. All three levels of the defense from the line, to the linebackers to the secondary all have players leading the NFL at their respective

Here's a bonus positive stat: DT Derek Landri is 13th in tackles among defensive linemen in the NFL. Let's keep that guy in there!

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