CSR Community Mock Draft- 1/3rd of the season in

I know we have a lot of new members who may not have been here prior to the 2010 draft, but we did a little community experiment to see how well we could pick vs. the Panthers organization. 

This wasn't really scientific by any means, and there are lots of flaws in the methodology used (there's no perfect system) but essentially what it boiled down to was voting on what position we needed to draft in each round, then voting on the players and finally watching the draft to see if they were available at our pick.

My initial reaction after the draft was "Wow... the Panthers did a lot better than we did with our system" but maybe, just maybe I was wrong. Read after the jump for who our picks were, and how they're doing.

2nd Round: Golden Tate, WR- Notre Dame

- We took the other Notre Dame standout in the 2nd round thinking that with Matt Moore set at QB we needed a shiny new #2 receiver to groom into the #1. To this day I feel there is a segment of the fan base who still thinks Tate would have been a better choice.

As it stands Tate has 8 receptions for 115 yards and no touchdowns. He is still trying to find his way in the NFL and has yet to start a game, but as a slot receiver it's apparent that he will likely develop into a major talent.

Analysis: Would have been a solid pick, but I understand going BPA with Clausen available.


3rd Round: Greg Hardy, DE- Ole Miss

- Give yourselves a pat on the back Panthers organization and CSR community alike. The Panthers for stealing Hardy in the 6th round, and our community for recognizing talent when they saw it and taking Hardy closer to where his talent level dictates his performance. We know what we're getting from Hardy and I don't think people would be too unhappy if he was our 3rd rounder.

Analysis: Great pick


4th Round: Jeff Owens, DT- Georgia

- Owens has yet to be activated in the regular season by the Philadelphia Eagles and only played in two games in the preseason where he amassed two tackles, a sack and a forced fumble.

Analysis: Jury is still out on Owens, but it's safe to assume he could be starting for the Panthers right now based on the changes we've experienced at DT.


6th Round: Zac Robinson, QB- Oklahoma State

- Robinson was drafted as a backup and safety valve as a player many liked leading up to the draft. He was drafted and cut by the New England Patriots and is now on the Seattle Seahawks practice squad.

Analysis: It appears to be a bad pick, but time will tell.


6th Round: Brandon James, RB- Florida

- With questions looming about whether Mike Goodson could be relied on, and concern about losing DeAngelo Williams the community wanted to use a late rounder on a developmental RB with extensive return skills. Initially planned to merely return kicks James has been moved to WR and is currently on the Indianapolis Colts practice squad. While he hasn't played in a regular season game in the last preseason game he caught 4 passes for 56 yards and 3 touchdowns. He looks like he has a future in the league, just buried right now on a stacked Colts team.

Analysis: Looks like a good pick, but time will tell.


6th Round: Brandon Carter, OG- Texas Tech

- The face paint clad mountain of an OG is currently on the Tampa Bay practice squad.

Analysis: Too early to tell.


7th Round: Syd'Quan Thompson, CB- California

-  Thompson made the Denver Broncos 53, and while he hasn't started and is mostly a dime back he's performed well. He recorded an INT in the preseason also.

Analysis: Great pick in the 7th round.


7th round: Kyle Bosworth, LB- UCLA

- Nephew of 'The Boz' we thought Kyle could be some needed LB depth. Bosworth made the 53 for the Jacksonville Jaguars but has yet to be activated.

Analysis: Too early to tell.


Overall: We finished our 8 picks with 5 guys currently on active rosters and 3 guys currently on practice squads. No starters, but we will see in time how they pan out. 

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