Panther Paw Prints: Bears Preview Addition

I'm got some Sunday morning prints for you Panther fans. Let's start with some links from the Bears beat writers.

Scouting report: DeAngelo Williams, Panthers RB -
Though he lacks elite skills, he is very good in every phase of his game. At 5 feet 9, 217 pounds, Williams runs low to the ground and is difficult to tackle. He always has been an elusive back who can bounce away from defenders and is most dangerous indoors or on turf. He also has some breakaway speed. In recent years, he has developed his power game. He has vision. Williams can catch the ball and and gain yards after the catch.

Lacks elite skills? We shall see...I've given Peppers a lot of crap this week but I will give him props for these gracious comments about his former team:

Panthers aware of Bears’ big play capabilities - Charlotte Sports |
"That 0-4 record they have doesn’t really speak to how that team is playing," Peppers said. "I know those guys. You have to understand I know the character of those guys and how they play, and how they’re being coached. "You cannot look at a team record and tell how a team is playing. They still have the best running back tandem (DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart) in the league. They still have a solid O-line. They still have No. 89 (Steve Smith). I don’t know if he is playing or not. They still have a solid defense. Like I said, ‘You can’t look at a team’s record.’ We know they are solid, and we have to prepare like that."

But expect a resumption of normal smack talk tomorrow...

I'm slightly worried about special teams impact this week.

Bears Look to Get Back on Track: Collins Leads Bears Into Week Five Match up in Carolina | Chi City Sports l Chicago Sports News - Blog - Message Board - Fans - Rumors
Special Teams could win it. Everyone is talking about Collins in this game, but the Bears special teams is a major key. Putting the Panthers offense in their own territory is huge for the Bears defense. Hester must get it going in the return game.

Hester is a huge threat that could change this game... This bodes well for DeAngelo Williams:

Jonathan Stewart - Chicago Bears Blog - ESPN Chicago
"Part of the problem with the cut-back runs from last week, we didn't make tackles," Briggs said. "We had Ahmad Bradshaw tackled in the backfield a couple of times, and didn't finish. Those tackles for losses turned into positive yards. The opportunities we have this week, we just have to finish the plays. That changes [New York's] total [rushing] yardage from [189] to around a 100 or less than 100 yards."

I'm predicting 150 yards by the Panthers rushing attack... Bears SS Chris Harris is back on CSR with some insight on the Bears defensive game plan:

Chicago Bears @ Carolina Panthers | I'm Coming Home! - Cat Scratch Reader
The Panthers will be starting their rookie quarterback, Jimmy Clausen, who’s pretty good. But, because he’s a rookie, he still hasn’t seen everything the NFL has to offer, so we’ll try to throw some looks his way to try and confuse him. That same strategy goes for their two rookie receivers: we’ll be throwing different looks at them to make them have to adjust on the run and things of that nature.

Some obvious stuff I realize but hey its more than we usually get...;)

The Panthers struck real gold in the 6th round this year, starting with the soft-spoken and 3-time California 400 meter champion David Gettis:

Gettis a soft-spoken rookie; Steve Reed's weekly candid take on the Panthers | format, steve, panthers - Sports - Gaston Gazette
"He’s about as low maintenance as they come," Lattinville said. "Everything with him is ‘Yes sir. No sir.’ He’s just as different kind of cat. He’s not like most receivers in the NFL."

Panthers DE Everette Brown is hoping to break his dry spell this Sunday:

York County, SC | Panthers hoping to cash in against sack-prone Bears | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
"You have to get excited. Nine sacks in the first half, you don't see that - not even at the college level," Brown said Thursday. "You're preparing for a team that has given up a lot of sacks, you just have to look for those keys, those pre-snap reads ... so you can get up the field and get the quarterback."

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