It Sure Was Sweet to Shut Down the Saints!


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I know it's too little too late, but - MAN - we put together another impressive win this Sunday!  We're now 8-8, have a three game winning streak, and have won 4 of our last 5.  ...Not too bad, huh?

Once again, our offense was on fire.  DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart were able to reach the milestone of being the first backs in the history of the NFL to both run for 1,100 yards on the same team, which is HUGE.  To be the FIRST to do ANYTHING is impressive, but these guys were fortunate enough to make something seriously significant happen.  Congrats, guys!

Five or six week ago, I felt that the defense was starting to really hit its mark.  Who knew we'd actually get even better from there on out?  Despite a surplus of injuries, we still managed to create some killer chemistry, accrue a ton of turnovers, and - all in all - just dominate on the defensive side of the ball.

I think there are a lot of teams going into the playoffs who are glad we're not competing against them.  I can't express to you enough how much I wish there were a few more weeks left in the season so we can jump into the postseason with everyone else and continue doing what we're doing.  But, unfortunately, things don't work that way.  So we're going home...

But we're not going home with frowns on our faces; we're going home with PLENTY of pride.  Considering how we started this season, I remain proud of the guys on this team.  Like I've said time and time before... quality character plays a huge part in putting together a productive team, and there's no doubt that our guys are loaded with just that.  Seriously... no one on this team - from the players who push themselves to their limits, to the coaches who piece together great game plans - EVER gives up.  I know it's too bad that we're not going to the playoffs, but this team still deserves a HUGE round of applause.  

Our ability to sit down the Saints here in the last week of the season lets us leave the 2009 season with a good taste in our mouths.  The time has come for us to get back on the grind in preparation for a 2010 Super Bowl run, and we need you guys and girls - our proud Panther fans - to continue supporting us every step of the way...

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for not giving up on us this season!  Your support of us is way more valuable to our success than anything we can do on the field.  Y'all are simply the best ;-)


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