Question of the Week: Should the Panthers draft a QB in 2010?

As Jaxon continues the fantastic ‘Keep or Cut' series I'm going to be working up a weekly ‘Question of the Week' focusing not so much on a specific player, but a hot button topic that will likely garner a lot of attention and conversation. This week I am asking you, the community whether or not the Carolina Panthers should draft a QB at some point in time in the 2010 draft.

Please keep in mind I'm not giving a specific round, or draft ‘depth chart' if you will. The conversation can absolutely include what round or specific player you'd like to see in the black and teal, but for the sake of right now I'm going to ask about any round.

So, let's start the discussion... after the jump

The Panthers much maligned QB position was the primary focus of many fan's ire during the 2009 season. A campaign by incumbent Jake Delhomme that can only be described as a complete failure ultimately gave way to a promising prospect in Matt Moore, who finished the season in stellar fashion. Now, as we sit here a little more than two months before the draft it is reported the Panthers have interviewed Tim Tebow. Though nobody truly knows the nature of these interviews or if the Panthers would even look at Tebow as a QB, there is little doubt that the quarterback position remains one of the biggest uncertainties for the Carolina Panthers. I say this because there are several questions that remain unanswered:

  •  Can Jake Delhomme return to prominence?
  •  Can Matt Moore continue his excellent play?
  •  Who do the coaching staff believe will start at this juncture?

Fortunately, the 2010 draft couldn't be a better time to have questions about the QB position. Despite being slightly weakened by some prospects returning to school (see Jake Locker) there are still numerous quarterbacks who will be available in the 4th to 6th rounds of April's draft who are more talented players (in my mind) than previous years 2nd round picks (John Beck).

Essentially, should the Panthers decide they need to draft a young backup who could carry the torch in the future if Moore doesn't pan out, then this is the time. We all know there are guys at the very top of the draft like Bradford or Clausen but it's the late round players who will define this draft. I'm talking about Devlin, Hall or LeFevour who could be late round selections that would be 2nd or 3rd round locks in previous years.

The final element that muddies the waters is a psychological one. Is it right to push a young QB like Moore already? Without getting into the argument on whether he has earned the right to be called starter without needing a QB competition, we've seen success stories form from pushing a QB (see Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers) conversely the pressure is sometimes too much and it prevents a QB from reaching their true potential prematurely.

So, with all these factors in mind do you think the Carolina Panthers should draft a QB in April's draft... regardless of round?

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