Panther Paw Prints: NFC South Supremacy Edition

That's right I said it...well actually Pat Y said it first and the facts back it up. Since the NFL realigned to its current division format in 2002 the NFC South has sent more teams to the NFC Championship then the NFC East:

I looked it up and he’s right. Since the NFL went to its current division format in 2002, the NFC South has sent six teams to the NFC Championship Game, including the Saints this season. The NFC East has sent five -- and let's include a shout-out to our friends in Dallas: The Cowboys represent zero in that equation -- with four trips by Philadelphia and one by the Giants.

Ouch on those recently routed Cowboys!...What's all this talk of the Panthers not having a 1st round draft pick. I bet we get one for DE Julius Peppers:

Improving Pass Rush Is Among Patriots' Many Offseason Needs - New England Patriots -
Linebacker Tully Banta-Cain had a career season with 9.5 sacks, but he was the Patriots' only real threat to get to the quarterback. It would be nice if the Patriots could add one pass rusher, but they really need at least two -- in addition to re-signing Banta-Cain. Guys like Carolina defensive end Julius Peppers and San Diego linebacker Shawne Merriman come to mind, and each player will likely be attainable. Either way, the Pats need someone with a motor at defensive end and outside linebacker to bring the ferocity back to their defense.

How about your front office call our ours? ... But there's other options for a 1st round pick...

It's already been mentioned in a comment thread, but the Panthers might just let Matt Moore go, if the offer is right:

Matt Moore = 1st Rd Qualifying Offer - Carolina Panthers Message Board
Since Matt Moore is a RFA i suggest we set his minimum at a 1st Round Qualifying Offer. Moore in my opinion is better than any QB coming out of this draft, or coming into the FA Market. I haven't seen the numbers for 2010 Qualifying offers yet, but for 2009 they were around: Minimum Offer - $1.1 million 2nd round pick offer - $1.545 million 1st round pick offer - around $2.1 million 1st and 3rd round picks offer - around $2.7 million.

Or if you prefer to hear it from one of the professionals:

Breaking down the Panthers roster for next season | season, breaking, starter - Sports - Gaston Gazette
One thing to consider: The team might have to be careful with Moore, who’ll be a restricted free agent. Even if the Panthers offer him the highest tender, another quarterback-starved franchise might be willing to part with a first- and third-round pick to get him. The team doesn’t want to lose him, so a long-term contract might be the way to go if they’re sold on him.

Even at $2.7M that's a low number for a starting QB. But if Jake is going to start anyway then getting even just a #1 for Moore has to be tempting with the depth at QB in this draft. Add in a 3rd rounder and that's two good picks for a former UDFA. Now that's how you scout and develop talent.

Here's another example of that, this time the so-called guru said the Panthers wasted their 3rd round pick:

Top Five, All-Time Wide Receivers of the Carolina Panthers | Cat Crave | A Carolina Panthers blog
Fun Fact: A Sports Illustrated draft expert said that the Panthers wasted their third-round pick on a player who would never amount to more than a punt returner.

That simple 'punt returner' is now 89...maker of NFL Rules & Regulations....Now that we know John Fox is staying for the 2010 season we can end the rumors...or can we? I'm sure we will hear this one all season:

Giants' Coughlin on the Hot Seat
One would think that the organization would give Coughlin a pass for this season, but if the struggles continue in 2010, his job might just be in jeopardy, especially with a report from Jerome Bettis that Bill Cowher could be interested in the New York job. John Fox will likely be an option for the Giants come 2011 as well.

Fox will now be mentioned in every opening that comes up until JR extends him....Got any sponsors in mind for the Panthers?

In bid for sponsors, Carolina Panthers' next season is already under way - Charlotte Business Journal:
Morrison and the front office face crucial issues of their own between now and the start of summer training camp: to lock in ticket renewals, land new backers and put renewed sizzle into the NFL franchise’s marketing blitz.

Here's my ideas:

  • Viagra - For the Panther in you!
  • Cialis - For the two Panthers in you!
  • Trojan - For the Beer-goggled Panther
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