Matt Moore QB Comparisons

I posted this on another Panthers' message board, and thought you guys would like to see some interesting numbers.

"Umm...Matt Moore will be one of the worst starting QB's, even if his QB rating is good and the Panthers win games.  He doesn't have the TALENT that the best QB's do, the one's that WIN games for you. "

Hi guys -- I haven't posted here in quite awhile, but this comment fires me up.

HilbyPirates , you cherry pick 8 successful current QBs, and blithely state, without any evidence, that Matt Moore "doesn't have the TALENT that the best Qbs do, the one's (sic) that win games for you."

more after the jump...

...and these are the ones that you yourself chose to compare Moore to: 

Tom Brady Peyton Manning , Ben Roethlisberger , Philip Rivers , Drew Brees , Kurt WarnerEli Manning, or Donovan McNabb

Well buddy, open your eyes, cause this is gonna hurt more if you don't see it coming --

You limited your comparisons to "starting QBs", so let's see how each of those worthies stack up against Moore in THEIR first 8 starts in the NFL, compared to Moore:

Brady              5 wins in his first 8 starts -- 12 TDs -- 7 INTs
Peyton M.        1          "      "        "      -- 11   "     16   "
Ben R.            8           "      "        "      -- 10   "      4   "
Rivers             6            "      "        "     -- 10   "       3  "
Brees              6            "      "        "     -- 10   "      8   "
Warner            6           "      "         "     -- 24  "       5   "
Eli M.               2           "      "         "      -- 8    "    11   "
McNabb           3            "      "         "    -- 10   "       8   "

Matt Moore      6           "      "         "      -- 11  "        3  "

To make it easier for you to see just how much BETTER Moore has been than these super-stars (hardly WORSE!), I've bolded each figure that he has equalled or exceeded.  You'll see that only Ben R. has won more times in his first 8 starts, only Brady and Warner have thrown more TDs in their first 8 starts, and NO-ONE has thrown fewer picks than Moore in their first eight starts!

I think this shows he might have more talent than any of them.  Care to reassess him now?

Now I know there are all kinds of ways to compare players at the same position, but I was responding to the idea that Moore is not a "winner" -- the only valid measuring stick we have at this stage of his career is to show his numbers at an equivalent point, i.e. the first 8 starts he's had, vs the first 8 starts of the other guys.  Preseason games and stats as a late game sub were ignored for all 9 Qbs -- just how they performed as starters.

It's gonna be hard to argue with those numbers, yet I know some will choose to do so.  Help yourselves.  As for me, I'm excited at the prospect that we may have found our QB of the future.  He is way more lightly regarded, and skeptically thought of, than any of those 8 were at that stage of their careers, yet show me who's done better.

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