Sunday Divisional Round Playoff Game Open Thread

Here's to hoping we have more competitive games today. First up we have the Cowboys traveling to the Metrodome. It's time for Brett Favre to deliver on the unspoken prmise to take the Vikes to the Championship. Here's what a blogger from the Daily Norseman has to say:

The Vikings will win because they're at home. . .and after New England's loss last weekend, the Vikings are the only team in the NFL without a blemish on their home record.  They're a completely different team at the Metrodome than they are on the road.  The fact that they're as healthy as a team can be at this point in the season sort of helps, too.

Being healthy 'sort of helps'? The Panthers could have used that help. Beyond that Gonzo has come off the rails at his perceived diss by the media. You can read his rant here....funny stuff because he is so serious. Do think he's over reacting?

open thread coming after the jump  I promise...

My boy Grizz gives the Cowboys point of view:

Dave Halprin: The Cowboys are playing their best football of the season and have one of the most balanced teams in the playoffs. They can attack you on the ground or through the air on offense, and Tony Romo is playing inspired football. If they continue to get good offensive line play, they should be able to score points as usual. The defense is clamping down on everybody, including some of the best offenses in the league like San Diego and New Orleans. Right now, if the Cowboys continue to execute the way they have the last month, they have a great shot at advancing on Sunday.

The loss of EJ Henderson hurt the Vikings run D greatly as we saw in our trouncing of the Vikings. Plus the Cowboys D is playing lights out. The Cowboys are playing better ball and I expect it to show today.

Cowboys 31 Vikings 21

Next up we have the Jets visiting the Chargers. The Jets bring the top defense in the league and some momentum. From the Landing Strip:

JohnB: San Diego has a one dimensional offense that relies on the passing game. The Jets have the league's best pass defense, led by the best cover corner in the league, Darrelle Revis, who single-handedly takes the other team's top receiver out of the game and allows his team to roll coverage elsewhere. The Jets have the top rushing attack in the league. San Diego gives up 4.5 yards per carry on the ground. While quarterback play was an issue during the regular season, Mark Sanchez seemed to come of age in the Wild Card round, with perhaps the best playoff performance ever by a rookie. He's played three games without a turnover.

Ouch...he should have said that...the Jinx on Sanchez is on! I will agree though Revis is the top CB in the league.

From Bolts in the Blue we get three numbered reasons so listen up!

John (obvious man): 1. The Chargers offense is bordering on historically good if you forget about how poor the running game has been.  Rivers has been both phenomenal and incredibly consistent this season, and the Chargers have receiving weapons in droves.

2. 11 straight games in a long winning streak in the NFL, and contrary to what many people think you cannot do it as a "fluke".  The Chargers have beaten 3 playoff teams during that streak, as well as 3 other teams that just barely missed out on the playoffs.  This team is battle-tested.

3. The last time the Chargers actually had something to play for, on Christmas day against the Titans, was their best and most complete game of the season.  The offensive line, with Nick Hardwick returning, looked outstanding.  This is a team that has been getting better each week of the season.

The problem is I really think the Chargers are going to have to run the ball to beat the Jets. Enter the LT. If LT has a big day Chargers win. As much as I want to call the Jets upset:

Chargers 27 Jets 24


This is now an Open Thread!

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