Offseason Agenda!

Offseason Decisions (My Decisions in Bold)

1)      Franchise Tags- We can use a franchise or transition tag, and we have an extra transition tag since there is no cap next year. Should we franchise Julius Peppers, Keydrick Vincent, or Tyler Brayton or Mushin Muhammad? The deadline is February 19th.

Player and Position

Transition Tag Salary

Franchise Tag Salary

Julius Peppers

$20+ million

20+ million

Tyler Brayton

7.77 million

8.991 million

Keydrick Vincent

7.774 million

8.451 million

Mushin Muhammad

8.393 million

9.884 million

Reason that peppers and Brayton's salary would be different, is because the rules say either top 5 at position or 120 % of last years salary. But it has to be whichever one is more.

            We won't use franchise or transition tag.

2)      Who is the starting quarterback going into camp?

      Jake Delhomme

3)      Do we try to get a 2nd round draft pick for Matt Moore if Jake Delhomme is going to be the starter?


4)      Do we try to trade Jake Delhomme if Matt Moore is going to be the starter


5)      Are we going to re-sign Josh Mc"Clown" or A.J. Feeley(both UFA's)


6)      Do we give Deangelo Williams an extension (free agent next year + making under $million.)


7)      Is next year going to be Hoover's last.

            Unfortunately, yes

8)      Who are the second and third Wide Receivers? Do we re-sign Muhammad, how long? Do we get WR as first pick in draft, do we get a free agent WR? Do we keep Dwayne Jarrett and/or Kenneth Moore around?

            Second Receiver in free agency, Third Receiver Mushin Muhammad, fourth receiver Dwayne Jarrett.

9)      Jeff King makes more money than Dante Rosario and Barnidge combined, but Rosario and Barnidge could be starter if you argued for them. Do we try to get a 2nd round pick for Jeff King? Do we make Rosario starter? Do we draft Hernandez out of Florida as third TE, or do we just re-sign Jeff King.

            Try to trade Jeff King for 2nd, draft TE in 4th round or later.

10)   Resign Keydrick Vincent or Let Mackenzy Bernadu or Duke Robinson fill in. Or do we draft a Guard?

            Resign Vincent, and if not possible have Robinson start, but if he's not good enough keep Bernadu as starter.

11)   Resign Tyler Brayton, Long-term Peppers / franchise peppers?

            Resign Brayton and long term Peppers

12)   Resign Hollis Thomas, Louis Leonard, and Tank Tyler. Who are our four Defensive Tackles?

            Resign Thomas and Tyler and Leonard. (Kemo, Lewis, Leonard/Thomas, Tyler,  Leonard/Thomas)

13)   Resign Davis and/or Anderson, or let Connor/Anderson be third linebacker.

            Resign Davis, Try to get 3rd round pick for Anderson (RFA)

14)   Resign Marshall, draft CB or let Munnerlyn be 2 or 3 cb?

            Resign Marshall, draft 3rd CB or make Martin or Godfrey 3rd CB and have Munnerlyn be dime

15)   Keep all three of our good safeties + teal?

            Try to Trade but don't force it

16)   Resign Rhys Lloyd

            Yes, will be kicker after Kasay

17)   Get another KR/ PR

            Mark JONES.

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