Panther Paw Prints: Roster Cut Down Edition

The Panthers made their roster cuts yesterday, actually going below the mandated 53 man max to 51. HC John Fox is expected to announce a couple additions over the next day or two. The obvious one is a defensive tackle, which leads off this edition of prints. Blogs " Blog Archive Alfonso Boone could end up in Carolina "
Defensive tackle Alfonso Boone was released by Kansas City Tuesday but is expected to sign with Carolina today, according to a league source. Boone, a seventh-round pick by Chicago in 2000, was with the Bears until 2006, and spent the last two seasons with the Chiefs. The Panthers have been in contact with Boone since he was released.

The Panthers want a veteran presence in the middle and Boone seems to fit the bill. Let's hope he's got one good season left.The other roster spot might go to a return guy:

Panthers make their cuts - Home - News & Observer
One possibility might be Mark Jones, cut by the Tennessee Titans on Friday. Jones returned punts and kicks for the Panthers in 2008, but he has been troubled by injured hamstring in the preseason.

Jones though is nursing an injury so that might turn the Panthers off. On a negative note some of the fan base is upset with the poor preseason showing.

Support shrinking in the wake of poor Panthers preseason -
"I made a promise to myself before the season this year," Rohner wrote in an e-mail to the Observer, "to never again boo my team when things are not going as hoped. I feel the only way I can keep that promise is to stay home."

I'd rather you show up an boo if that is what the team deserves. Of course Fox might think they are saving "Hooov!". Back on a positive note, don't count Jon Beason out of the season opener:

Minutes: Beason ready to run
"I don't have any doubt that I'll be ready for the game," he said. "I've still got nine days." In the meantime, Beason has to start running. "We're going to get out there this weekend when everyone's gone on their break, and I'll be out there running and seeing how this thing feels," Beason said. "But it feels great. "It's not really sore. It's just scarring down. But it feels real good. That's the best way I can put it. We will see."

The defense needs it leader and a shot of adrenaline...or something...please.

It looks like Darin Gantt is not happy with the decision to cut LB Jeremy Leman:

daringanttWhen #Panthers put together practice squad today, it won't include LB J Leman. Apparently 40 times are more important than football plays.

He makes a good point. This team seems to need a guy like Leman but hopefully he'll make the practice squad anyway.

Finally, will there be a player lock-out in 2011? The Pplayers are planning on it no matter what the owners are saying as far as negotiating in good faith:

NFL players told to save in case of 2011 lockout
"Our focus is on bargaining and negotiations and getting a deal," said Jeff Pash, the owners' lead negotiator. "Anyone who says our goal is to lock the players out or shut down our business, that is a view that is really divorced from reality."

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