Official CSR Panthers Roster Prediction Thread

I know some of you have already posted roster predictions but now that final cut downs are upon us its time to see who can actually predict who will actually make the Panthers 53 man roster for the season opener. So I'm going to make my prediction and anyone who wants to try can add their changes or just +1 mine. It starts after the jump...

Offense (24):

OL (9): Jordan Gross, Travelle Wharton, Ryan Kalil, Keydrick Vincent, Jeff Otah, Duke Robinson, Geoff Schwartz, MacKenzie Bernadeau, Justin Geisinger 

TE (3): Gary Barnidge, Jeff King, Dante Rosario

RB (3): DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Mike Goodson

QB (3): Jake Delhomme, Josh McCown, Matt Moore

FB (2): Brad Hoover, Tony Fiammetta

WR (4): Steve Smith, Musin Muhammad, Kenny Moore, Dwayne Jarrett

Defense (24):

DT (5): Damionne Lewis, Corvey Irvin, Louis Leonard, Marlon Favorite, Nick Hayden 

DE (5): Julius Peppers, Everette Brown, Tyler Brayton, Charles Johnson, Hilee Taylor

LB (6): Na'il Diggs, Jon Beason, Thomas Davis, James Anderson, Dan Conner, Jeremy Leman 

DB (8): Chris Gamble, Richard Marshall, Charles Godfrey, Chris Harris, Quiton Teal, Sherrod Martin, CJ Wilson, Kevin Kaesviharn

Special Teams (5):

K: John Kasay, Rhys Lloyd, Brian Baker

LS: JJ Jansen

PR: Captain Munnerlyn

Key Cuts: LB Landon Johnson, CB Dante Wesley

The tough call for me is whether Hilee Taylor sticks versus DB Dante Wesley. I'd like to cut Kevin K in favor of Wesley but that would only leave us with 3 Safeties unless Martin showed enough to warrant back-up status. In that case Wesley sticks instead of Kevin K.

The nineth offensive limen is a crap shoot for me. Geisinger seemed to get a lot of PT and he has the flexibility of playing two positions, something we know the Panthers value. If not Geisinger then one of the tackles Patrick Brown or Garry Williams sticks.

Marlon favorite could also get cut but I'm thinking he showed enough to earn a spot. I'm sure some people will question Jeremy Leman but what we have to think about is what guys will get snapped up if we try to sneak them through waivers. I think we would lose Favorite or Leman if we put them on the PS. Cutting Landon Johnson might not save any money but I think the Panthers will just cut bait on that poor FA acquisition.

The one wild card is the Panthers could still pick up another DT making any of a number of people expendable.

So lets hear your predictions:

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