Panther Paw Prints: Bye Week Edition

Alright Panther fans, back away from the edge. Yes we are 0-3 and things seem fairly bleak at this point but we do have three very winnable games in front of us after the bye week. I took yesterday off from the Panthers to clear my mind and start fresh. So in preparing for this edition of Paw Prints I ran across a post I enjoyed and thought I could use it to add a little humor to this edition to lift your spirits.

The title of the post caught my eye but it was the new word 'fanbole' I loved, which is a play on the word hyperbole and is defined below:

Eric Mangini might be worst NFL coaching hire ever - Joe Posnanski -
Fanbole: The definition is simply: A sweeping, exaggerated and often ludicrous sports statement that a fan makes when under the influence of an emotional sports event (and perhaps various substances).

Lord knows we've had our share of 'fanbole' on this site over the past couple weeks. So here's some more:

FS Charles Godfrey has got to be the worst FS in the history of the Panthers:

The Elevator: Panthers Stutter Into Bye Week After Loss To Cowboys | Bleacher Report
Charles Godfrey. Charles, your jockstrap is still on the field in Dallas.

Seriously, I've never seen the saying "Got his ankles broke" more defined than when Cowboy RB Felix Jones juked Godfrey.

Any other coach with John Fox's piss poor record would be on first bus out of town:

Darin Gantt's Panthers Blog | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
Jeff Fisher: Career regular season record 128-105 (.549) John Fox: Career regular season record 63-52 (.548) Jeff Fisher: One AFC Championship (lost Super Bowl), career postseason record 5-6. John Fox: One NFC Championship (lost Super Bowl), career postseason record 5-3. Since 2002, when Fox took over here, the Panthers and Titans have identical 63-52 records.

John Fox has lost control of this team!

Mason's Minutes: Scrutiny high entering bye
"I promise you, there's one voice in that team meeting room that's in charge, and it's his," said Delhomme, who's experienced a season where the head coach lost his players -- although he declined to name the coach, team or season involved. "I'd rather not say when and where, but it was lost, and it was lost and everybody knew," said Delhomme, who spent five seasons with the New Orleans Saints before joining the Panthers in 2003. "You just knew it. It was evident ... There (was) no pilot. All there (was) were passengers. We still have a pilot. I don't know any other way to put it. That's not even remotely close."

DE Julius Peppers needs to stop making excuses and just perform!

Inside the Panthers: #Panthers' Peppers said #Cowboys "didn't do anything special" to defend him
"What they were doing to me?" he said. "Nothing special. I can't sit here and go over every play and how they blocked me, but I didn't see anything special they were doing."

The Panthers have the worst kick coverage unit in the history of the franchise.

Inside the Panthers: Postgame #Panthers observations
The punt-coverage team again struggled, especially in the second half. The Cowboys' Patrick Crayton had four returns for a 14.5-yard average, but his two late in the game were for 27 and 17 yards. Both returns set up Cowboys scores.

This season is over, finished, Kaput! and the players could care less!

Inside the Panthers: #Panthers fall to 0-3 as Gross bluntly says "it stinks"
"We’ve got a lot of football left and we’re only through a quarter of the season," he said. "We’ve been on three-loss skids before. We really need to stick together."

There is absolutely nothing positive to take away from the Panthers loss to the Cowboys.

Panthers defense sees positives | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
“The way we played today, holding them out of the end zone was more important than 200 yards rushing,” veteran defensive tackle Damione Lewis said. “We gave up 13 points today against a really good offense. I'd trade that, I'll let them have 200 yards rushing for that. Holding them to field goals in the red zone, I thought we did a good job.”

I hope you enjoyed my little twist on this edition of Paw Prints. I do have a question for you though. There is one of my 'fanbole' statements above that I think is less fanbole and more just the honest truth. Can you guess which one?

Oh, and I know what you must be thinking after reading this post: This is the WORST post I've ever read!

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