Panthers Back in the Hunt for a DT

The Panthers are going through defensive tackles like my family goes through gallons of milk. "Hi honey I'm on my way home from work. Do I need to stop and get anything? Well yes, stop and get another 320 lb defensive tackle please, they are going quick this week". 

So two weeks into the season and we will have 3 DT's on IR and another hobbling about with a bum toe. Don't fear Panther fans there are plenty of no-name DT's out there ready to jump into our starting line-up:

daringantt#Panthers working out some widebodies today, including DT Antwon Burton. When they sign their guy, chances are you won't recognize the name.

Well hey, the store brand milk is just as good as the name brand! It comes from the same place and it's cheaper. Besides, with that million dollar a game DE we need to pinch some pennies somewhere.

Seriously now, does anyone know anything about this Burton guy? More after the jump...

Surely we would all prefer a veteran to fill the void and there are some known names out there:

They kept George Hypolite on the practice squad, but would prefer someone with more size. Multiple sources said they're focusing on finding someone 325 pounds or more.

That's a group that would include veterans such as Terdell Sands, Kenderick Allen and Sam Adams, but the Panthers have tried to avoid going too old (and too expensive) this offseason. One league source said the team might have no choice but make another trade, since the market's so thin.

Yet the Panthers could stand firm if Nick Hayden can be ready by Monday Night. Here's why:

"Well, we'll evaluate that," Fox said of future moves. "We do have Nick Hayden, who wasn't active for the game due to an injury; we'll wait and see how his progress comes. Typically we only go into a game with three (active). We'll evaluate who's available and what our best move will be."

Yeah but those three on have 5 good big toes between them. Yet even with two good toes I'm not exciting about going into Dallas with Lewis, Hayden and Harris as our rotation. I guess we really have little choice otherwise so let's see if Meeks and Baker can coach em up!

We are not the only ones crying the IR blues. The Falcons also lost a DT for the season is the game:

There was a spot after first-rounder Peria Jerry was lost for the year with a knee injury.

At least our latest DT loss will cost a lot less.

Oh and I can never let a classic Fox favorite quote go by without mention. He dropped an oldie but a goodie in response to a question about special teams play:

Asked if it was a matter of new personnel (though only three members of the kickoff coverage team are new here this season), Fox shrugged.

“It is what it is, he said. “I'm not going to sit here and try to make excuses, but the reality is yes.”

Yes it is John and thank you for that wonderful Fox moment!

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