Atlanta Vs Panthers Offense

All i've heard over the past few weeks is that the division will goto Atlanta or Carolina. Just interested to see some opinions on how we matchup and compare to one another . I will do offense in this post and Defense in another. ( this is my first post, although i've been visiting the site for some months now, so bare with me)


Carolina - Jake Delhomme is the man in Carolina, he may not be the game breaker, but he is the game manager

Atlanta - Matt Ryan is an up and coming star in ATL. He can definitly be a star QB in the NFL. 

As far as the back-ups I believe Carolina has a slight advantage over ATL as McCown, I believe, is slightly better then Redman.

Winner (IMO) - ATL

Running Backs

Carolina - Deangelo Williams is easily one of the top backs in the NFL. 5.5 YPC last year with no fumbles has turned him into a beast. With Stewart nipping at his heals(no pun intended) we have one of the most dynamic duos in the league right now, throw in the impressive Mike Goodson and you have Triple Trouble.

Atlanta - Micheal Turner is no doubt the workhorse of this offense. But the body can only take so many 376 touch seasons. This bruiser is spelled by Jerious Norwood who' s a speedster himself. This running game definitely has a nice one to punch

Winner (IMO) - Carolina (but its close)

Wide Reciever

Carolina - Steve Smith is one of the most explosive receivers in the league. Moose may be getting older but to me he has not lost a step. beyond Moose it seems to drop quite a bit with young receivers, whom we hope with have huge seasons, in Kenny Moore and Dwayne Jarrett.

Atlanta - Roddy White emerged last year as one of the best receivers in the NFL. Micheal Jenkins is definetly a solid back up. Harry Douglas was poised to have a solid year until the injury, but back-ups Finneran(if heathly),  Marty Booker and throw in Tony Gonzalez at TE as well, give this team extra threats.

Winner (IMO) ATL ( due to depth at WR and the star TE)

Offensive Line

Carolina - Returning all 5 starters including Pro-bowl left tackle Jordan Gross and Future all-pro Mammoth Jeff Otah, this is definitely one of the teams strength. We lost some quality back-ups, but i feel like the successors ( Schwartz, Bernadeau, and Robinson) will work just fine.

Atlanta - Sam Baker and Blalock are young and have enormous potential to be something special on this O-line, with Veteran McClure this line can open some big holes for backs Turner and Norwood.

Winner (IMO)  Carolina (all 5 starters returning who helped Williams and Stewart set franchise records)

Let me know what you guys think and any opinions.


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