Panther Paw Prints - Group Prayer for Jake Edition

This weeks version of Paw Prints is dominated by the performance of Panthers QB Jake Delhomme. In no particular order here they are starting with prayers for a return of 'Good Jake':

Good Jake will return against Atlanta -
Delhomme still has courage – he just isn't throwing the ball straight. That can be fixed. The problem against Philadelphia was three-fold. Delhomme couldn't throw, his offensive linemen couldn't block and the coaching staff – which has known for years how often the Eagles blitz – couldn't coach. The staff somehow looked surprised when the Eagles kept rushing five or six men at Delhomme.

The 'couldn't coach' part concerns me as much as the Bad Jake part.

New Panther QB Jay Feeley better be a quick study:

Feeley on information overload -
"Obviously, there are different philosophies, the verbage, different routes, different schools of thought," Feeley said after his first practice with the team. "I'm on a little information overload right now, but it'll come as the days progress."

The falcons secondary should be prime for the picking (not for INT's that is):

Falcons secondary in flux as Panthers loom -
Not pleased with the play of the secondary in the preseason, the Falcons made a trade for Tye Hill and signed Brian Williams, who was released by Jacksonville. Williams had played under Falcons coach Mike Smith when Smith was the defensive coordinator for the Jaguars. He started the season opener Sunday against Miami at left cornerback. In passing situations, Williams moved inside to the slot, where Jackson played all of last season. Brent Grimes, who was starting at left cornerback, came in and played left cornerback in nickel situations.

The Panthers offensive line is taking responsibility for what was obvious to the rest of us:

O-line shoulders blame
"They ran a defense with linebackers as the defensive ends and ends as the (strong-side) and (weak-side) linebackers, and that just creates mismatches with our running backs," said Gross. "That's simple stuff we should have been fine with." "It was pretty much on us," added Kalil. "There was nothing we hadn't seen or worked against before. It was just a matter of communicating it out to everybody in a quicker fashion."

Jake is channeling QB's of the past, just not the ones we want:

Jake Delhomme: Now with back-to-back implosions! - Shutdown Corner - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
It's not that Delhomme's necessarily done; he had a decent season last year on a run-heavy team. But as two-game stretches go, this has to rank among the worst: 24 of 51 for 278 yards, one touchdown and nine picks. These are numbers we would generally attribute to Billy Joe Hobert or Dan Orlovsky(notes), not a guy who's been to a Super Bowl and two NFC Championship games.

Say it aint so, Billy Joe!....So who is the #2 QB?

Darin Gantt's Panthers Blog | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
Fox said his backup QB would be a "game-time decision" between just-acquired A.J. Feeley and Matt Moore. Feeley's getting the crash course, spending a late night Tuesday with QB coach Rip Scherer before practicing Wednesday. Moore said he's preparing as if he's the two, but that's standard for him anyway. He did talk about how much more comfortable he was now as opposed to being thrown into the deep end in 2007, when he started three games late in the year. We'll have more on that in tomorrow's Herald.

It's not going to matter who the #2 is and here is why:

The Associated Press: Panthers seek quick fix after Week 1 debacle
We know he's going to get better," Diggs said of Delhomme. "We're all going to get better. We've all made mistakes, too. Maybe not as evident, but we all had our hand in that game. "Everybody is being accountable. He's being accountable. Coaches are being accountable. So there's nothing left than to go out and really prove ourselves and get better."

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