OUCH!!!! At Least Give me a Kiss!

Let's be honest.  Preseason gives us a sneak peak to the future season.


Peppers wants to be a legend somewhere else, Hurney wants to play wheel and deal with draft picks, and we can't cover a friggin punt to save our lives.


I do not blame fox, despite the Jenny Craig new look.


I want to break this thing down:


First and foremost,  Jake WAS our best way to win.  The offense was great in the first quarter, but when their defense keys on the run and Steve Smith.....  What is plan B?  The answer.  THERE ISN'T.  Dawayne Jarrett is a bust.  Just like Kerry Colbert.  You can't make chicken salad out of chicken $hit.  Moore needs a more active role to take the pressure off of Smith.  Moose, can't do the deep route.  PLAIN AND SIMPLE!  Furthermore, The way to win is the tight end going that 5-10 yard sit and catch mode.  Can anyone say Whitten, and Walls?  That was our combination to winning.  Our tight ends are nothing more than chips for the Defensive end coming off of the tackle.......

Second, Special Teams coach needs to be fired.  PLAIN AND SIMPLE!  Preseason gave you a way to learn.  Letting Leman go was wrong, in my opinion.  Just tell Baker to punt toward the sidelines and give us a better chance to cover.

Third, Stick to the run.  We cannot win a shoot out with anyone at this time.  Run the clock down and put the pressure on them.


Fourth, Steve smith needs to go back to business.   we are ALL frustrated.  You are getting paid the big bucks, and we are paying it.  Quit letting your emotions get in the way of business.  Express your opinion and be a TEAM player.


Fifth, leave it to Matt Moore for the season.  The defenses are getting faster and faster.  The better quarterbacks have to have a QUICK release.  Jake holds on too long.  McKown, hasn't had a chance anywhere.  Matt Moore's record as far as I know is 3 wins out of 4 chances.  Who has a better percentage?


Lastly, and most importantly, leave Pepper's alone.  The more he shines, the more the value.  As Hurney plays the Bobby Bethard wheeling and dealing of draft picks, his values continues to rise.  We MUST retool, and he is our only chance of getting better next year by getting more draft picks.  Deal him, and take our winnings.  Let his legacy go somewhere else......


Nuff said.  God bless and Go Panthers.



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