Jon Beason interviewed on WFNZ- Primetime with the Packman

Missed the very beginning of the interview, but caught most of his time on the show as I was driving home. I will recount the interview as best as I remember, and if anyone else heard the interview please feel free to add in the comments.




Caller 1: Good to talk to you Jon. It seems that the Panther's did a lot of work to upgrade their offense in the offseason, and it seems that a lot of people don't know about our running backs. Packers fans are upset that they cut Sutton.


Beason: Yeah, I mean that kid can run. Of course he's a practice squad player, but he's a solid running back. He's probably 5'7" on a good day, but I've gone up against him alot and I can say the kid's got game.


Caller 1: Do you think we have a legitimate three headed monster with Williams, Stewart and Goodson, and it seems that the offense will be able to take some pressure off the defense while you guys get some miles on the tires. Also, what about Kenny Moore? He looks like a young Steve Smith.


Beason: Wait a minute there. I think the defense is good to go. We're going to be flying to the ball. The offense can score every drive, but unless we stop someone it'll look like that game on Monday night! (referring to FSU vs. Miami). Yeah, we do have a three headed monster. Goodson is a great change of pace guy, he's quick off the edge and has a lot of speed. Kenny's improved a lot this offseason, he's put alot of work in and now we're seeing it.


Caller 2: Beast, did you go to the Miami vs. FSU game?


Beason: Yeah, I did actually. Everette Brown and I made the trip down and I watched the game with him and Dan Morgan. Dan and I are great friends and he even has my jersey on the wall of his restaurant, which is a honor. I just wish I got to talk more trash to Everette... but the game was too close. Our (Miami's) defense needs to tighten up though, but they can make some noise in the ACC.


Caller 3: Great to talk to you Jon. Can you tell me what it's like being named a defensive captain and what that process entails?


Beason: Well actually the only people who vote on the captains are the players. I have the honor of being named a captain. Normally it's veteran players or guys who have really stepped up in practice. I got to vote on the offense, the defense and the special teams.


Mark Packer: Can you tell us about Juilus Peppers being named a captain, and what he's been like this offseason.


Beason: Man, you know, we named Pep to be a captain because that off season stuff, it doesn't matter. He's been the face of this franchise for going on 8 years and I understand why he might want a change. Basically by naming him a captain we're saying "Pep, we don't care about that stuff. Play like the Pep we know, and that's all that matters". This offseason we really didn't get to see him much. I'm good friends with Pep outside of the game and I didn't see him from the last game of the year to the first day of camp. The trade didn't go through (note: what trade? Beason didn't elaborate) and we're happy to have him as a Panther.


Caller 4: Beast! Man, what defense do you use on Madden?


Beason: You know, believe it or not I'm not much of a Madden guy. I mean the game's unwrapped, but I do that to check my stats. I would have been mad if I didn't improve (note: Beason is 92 overall in Madden) but they did alright by me. Back in the day I played alot more NCAA than Madden, and I would have to suggest using the zone blitz.


Mark Packer: Okay Jon. You got to see the Ravens and the Steelers in the preseason. Who do you think is the better team?


Beason: That's tough. Suggs was out and Willie Parker was out. But, I'm gonna have to go with the Ravens. They have all the pieces this year and Flacco is now a proven player. Of course, now I just pissed off the Steelers, so who knows? I know their games will be tough this season.


Break.. some jawing between Beason and the QCB over the prices of Panther's tickets vs. Cowboys tickets.


Mark Packer: Back with Jon Beason. Jon, what do you have to say to the fans about the game this weekend and the upcoming season.


Beason: Yeah man, you know it's funny. You can do everything right and put in the extra time, but you need to get everyone healthy. You'll see a glimpse of what we can be this Sunday. Just knowing that this team has never gone back to back to the playoffs, it's motivating. Every team in the South was either in the playoffs or over .500, so it should be fun.


Mark Packer: You've got the brace on now. How does it feel?


Beason: Fine man, I did it the last two games of my college season, and I was productive.


Email: Jon, your numbers show that you get better as the game goes on, and your stats shoot up in the third and fourth quarter. Any reason for that?


Beason: You train for four quarters. I've prided myself on being the best conditioned and I think as the game goes on and you get in a rythym my game elevates when it's all on the line.


Mark Packer: Who do you like tonight? In the Clemson game?


Beason: I can't call Clemson vs. GA tech, but I'll have to go GA tech. I don't like either, but I want GA Tech to feel good about themselves before they come down to Miami.


Mark Packer: We need to get you out of here so you can get to your function, but thank you for being on... great as always and good luck this Sunday.


Beason: Thank you

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