Observations From My First Ever Panthers TC Visit on 8/5/09

1. WR Dwayne Jarrett extremely disappointed me. While he MAY have improved as a professional in terms of his preparation, he lacks in his speed, quickness and perceived confidence. As a professional Sports Performance Specialist, I have worked with many athletes, both academic and professional.

A) He seems to have NOT worked on his speed at all in the off-season. Jarrett CONSISTENTLY lined up and had a false step coming off the line-of-scrimmage. This is one of the most basic and fundamental things even a high school coach should be able to focus on and improve. He was slow in and out of his cuts. B) I did not see any "fight" for the ball. For example, there was a play in which McCown was pressured and needed to get rid of he ball quick, and Jarrett again slow in his route and cut, THEN did not fight for the ball as it was intercepted and returned for a TD. Practice like you play. C) He also did not show ANY confidence, as he hung his head, barely hustled, and rarely talked to anyone. D) WR Marcus Monk, 6'4" 212lbs, is virtually the same build as Jarrett, 6'4" 219lbs, but Monk is much quicker and more aggressive. Monk, a 7th round draft pick in 2008, overall impressed me much more than Jarrett, a 2nd round pick in 2007. I hope he had just a bad day, but I did go to both morning and afternoon practices', and neither were impressive. I do think he has talent and can be a factor in this league, hopefully it is this season with the Carolina Panthers.

2. Smitty looks great, of course. He "plucked" several passes with his aforementioned grip strength right before a safety was about to lay him out.

3. DeAngelo and Stew are noticeably different from other RB's. They both have trees for legs. If any of you get reasonably close to them while they stand next to the other RB's, you will be able to tell what I am talking about.

4. While on RB's, Lee is absolutely fast. However, my questions with him still remain: A) Can he run behind his pads with any power? B) Can he pick up the blitz? C) Can he read defenses before the snap? D) Can he run away from NFL starters? (when I saw him, he was going against many players that will not be in the league next month)

5. Larry Beavers is DEFINITELY fast. I do however, question his hands. The special teams coach yelled at him for dropping a punt.

6. WR Jason Carter lived up to the hype for me. He has great hands, consistently catching the ball away from his body and then making a quick move to gain extra yardage. I did not see breakaway, Smitty, speed, but he very quick.

7. It is much easier to evaluate the skill positions over the big uglies b/c of lack of contact.

8. Everette Brown did look good in the limited action I was able to see him in. He lined up at RDE and used a quick and powerful move to get pressure on the QB. Brown used his quick first step with a wide berth. Then he powerfully engaged the LT (Pat Brown I think) with a push/pull move and successfully "tossed" him aside. He then proceeded to burst to the QB in a situation which he was lucky he wore a RED jersey.

9. DL I saw: 1st team - Brayton, D-Lew, Favorite, Peppers 2nd team - Johnson, Irvin, Harvey, Brown

10. Otah is still the young guy of the OL. After practice, Jake got on a golf cart followed by the OL. Otah was one of the first to hop-on, if you can really call it that, only to have Gross put him in his place and have him take a walk while Jake, Gross, Wharton, and an assistant drove off.

11. Dan Conner looks good and fully recovered. Thank God for that, with the absence of Beason.

12. I almost past out from holding my breath when Thomas Davis fell to the field holding his knee during a coverage drill. With the possibility of Beason and TD missing time along with Kemo, and our D would have become quite average very quickly.

I had a few other observations, but I did not take any notes and had to write this on memory alone. I hope you enjoy and have learned something. Do you have any thoughts or questions?

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