Panther Paw Prints - Week 1 TC Wrap-up Edition

Lots to choose from now.  Let's start with Andrew Mason's report that includes lots of juicy stuff:

Beavers had the longest gain of the team scrimmage period, grabbing a 16-yard pass from Hunter Cantwell on the last play of the practice.

If Beavers can show he can handle both the PR and KR duties his stock goes up.

Dan Connor continued working with the first team at middle linebacker and had some solid stops, including one where the force of his hit sent Jamall Lee's helmet flying ...

Conner is going to be a special teams beast!

... The most acrobatic catch of the day belonged to Kenneth Moore, who hung on to a pass from Delhomme during seven-on-seven work in spite of being hit by cornerback C.J. Wilson. Moore, however, was out of bounds, nullifying the acrobatic catch.

Who cares if it was out of bounds if it's a scrimmage? They still count in the reviews. Moore has an outside chance of sticking.

Inside the Panthers: Observations from Fan Fest
- New long-snapper J.J. Jansen looked good snapping the ball on John Kasay's 42-yard field goal, the only scoring of the day.

The more confidence builders the better.

  • Fox at Fanfest:

Foxhole: Fan Fest
On what the players get out of Fan Fest: It's a first little taste. It's a little sliver of what it's going to really be like. It's a good way to ease into it. They get to come into a stadium with fans here and kind of see what it's like - the pressure of a real game, partially. So from that standpoint it's more game-like.

A guy from Bleacher report went to Panthers TC and offers this assessment of the WR competition:

Notes From Carolina Panthers Training Camp | Bleacher Report
# I don't think it'll be hard for Fox to pick which receivers to release. Kenneth Moore, Marcus Monk, Kevin McMahan, Jason Cherry, and Larry Beavers will all be released. They had some flashes, but nothing great. # Ryan Robinson and Jason Carter are looking great, at both kick returning and receiving. But will Fox keep both of them on the team? I hope so, because they both have huge potential.

I want to see this Beavers kid in action before agreeing with that.

Mason's Minutes: 'D' dominant at Fan Fest
With Williams and Stewart watching, rookie Mike Goodson carried the load, picking up 14 yards on three carries, including a seven-yard, second-and-7 pickup that moved the offense onto the defense's side of the field for the first time in the period.

Nice to see the D take care of business.

  • Last season the running game was very impressive but looking at this list of accomplishments now seems surreal to a degree. I need to see some more.

Panthers returning the perfect rushing combination | | Spartanburg Herald-Journal | Spartanburg SC
The duo helped lead the way to a franchise record for rushing yards in a season, accounting for 2,351 of Carolina’s 2,437 yards, besting the former high, set in 2003, by 346 yards. The Panthers also tallied 30 rushing touchdowns, 13 more than the record, set in 2005.

Williams established individual highs for season rushing yards (1,515), single game rushing yards (186), 100-yard rushing games (eight), average per rush (5.56 yards), rushing touchdowns (18), total touchdowns (20) and consecutive games scoring a touchdown (eight), including a record four in one game.

Stewart set new rookie standards with 836 rushing yards and 10 rushing touchdowns (the third highest overall total in team history).

  • Here's a guy with a lot to prove this season:

Panthers CB Marshall ready for increased role
"Oh man, his intensity level has picked up," safety Chris Harris said. "Richard, I think he's going to be a great starting corner for us. I always felt we had three starting corners on our team last year and the year before. But now he gets his time to shine."

He better be ready to get picked on.

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