Panthers Training Camp Day 4 & 5 Report

The following is a summary of the key happenings from day 4 and 5 of Panthers TC. Since we can't get a way from injury news lets start with that and then discuss the positive developments.


cpanthers#JohnFox also said WR #Dwayne Jarrett banged his wrist in practice. Jarrett returned to the field after being hurt.

Jarret is back in action on Day 5. These three remain out:

cpantherscpanthersDid not practice: OL C.J. Davis (ankle), LB #ThomasDavis (knee) and LB #JonBeason (knee).

When asked about the effect of injuries Panthers GM Marty Hurney had this response:

Camp Confidential: Panthers eye next step - NFC South - ESPN
"It starts with having enough depth to sustain," Hurney said. "Different things happened in different seasons in the past. But drafting well and having a young base is really important as far as staying ahead of the game and not having to go out in free agency and bring in guys a lot. If you draft well and bring those guys up, you have a continuity in there that should keep you competitive. Continuity is a result of bringing in the right guys from the start."

Come on Marty, you know if you had the cap space you'd have a couple FA's in here right now competing for back-up spots on both lines.

-- We're starting to figure some things out in the return game. They were working on punts Thursday, and the sad reality is that RB Mike Goodson can't really catch them. 
Special teams coach Danny Crossman was putting them through drills before practice, asking them to catch a pass, then field punts one-armed.
At several junctures, Goodson looked like a juggler in a circus. It's weird, for a guy with good hands in the passing game, this seems to stump him.

He might return kicks, but punts aren't in his future.


If this holds then Ryne Robinson has one fewer guy to beat out. From the same link:

-- It's way early, but LS J.J. Jansen looks to my untrained eye to snap a tighter ball than Nick Sundberg. 
P Jason Baker saved both of them yesterday during field goal drills, picking balls up to place them.

I said it months ago, if there's one decision this offseason they'd regret, it's letting Jason Kyle go. Maybe they can go sign Kevin Houser later, but only if he leaves his stock tips at home.

This is cause for concern in my view. Here's some positive plays from practice:

The one-on-one duels were highlighted by a deep reception by Kenneth Moore and an interception by Richard Marshall. Moore's catch saw him work past rookie cornerback Sherrod Martin up the left sideline, allowing him space to reach out and lunge for a sliding touchdown grab. Two plays later, Marshall picked off quarterback Matt Moore, tipping a pass that was intended for wide receiver Kevin McMahan and coming down with it before heading upfield ...

  • This Camp Report video I found disappointing. It is focused around an interview with UDFA Patrick Brown and his match-up with Julius Peppers. I say disappointing because it didn't show footage of the match-up in the question.
  • You can catch Darin Gantt's podcasts here. If I was to recap his Day 4 podcast: He's really high on Larry Beavers as KR with his elite speed. He also compares Mike Goodson with Kevin Faulk in the way he might be used. Finally, he thinks TE Gary Barnidge has the chance to be an all-around TE, a downfield threat who can also be a good blocker.
  • So will CB Chris Gamble get the opportunity to be a 'shutdown corner'?

Asked Thursday if he'd consider such a move in the future with Gamble, he hedged as is his custom.

"We've done both," Fox said. "Each game takes on its own personality. Sometimes matching up is an option; sometimes it's left and right. But you mix that up. Everybody in the league does that; we've done both."

Typical Fox answer. Definitely something to watch come the Eagles game.

Other notable posts:

Inside Carolina Panthers training camp - Damon Hack -
3. Steve Smith has the strongest handshake I've ever gripped. Seriously. For years, I've marveled at Smith's ability to out-muscle taller, stronger defensive backs and come down with the football while standing only 5-foot-9. Then I met him for the first time at Panthers camp, shook his hand, and was happy to see that my fingers were still intact after he let go. I've got big mitts, but Smith's hand felt like a vice grip. Remember the scene from Superman II, when the Man of Steel crumples General Zod's fingers near the end of the movie? Smith easily could have done that to me.

This accounts for his great hands, something Smitty doesn't get enough credit for.

NFC South training camp one-liners |
Panthers K John Kasay's own experience with a training camp injury has him empathizing with DT Maake Kemoeatu. Kemoeatu's torn Achilles tendon may lead to the signing of former Falcons and Chiefs DT T.J. Jackson to bolster the Panthers defensive line. RB Mike Goodson has been getting a lot of repetitions as the Panthers try to find ways to utilize his skills. RB Jonathan Stewart is limited to one practice a day because he's still feeling pain from an Achilles problem.

Playoff collapse didn't test Panthers' faith in QB Delhomme -
"We all told him to knock it off," tackle Jordan Gross said. "He doesn't want us apologizing to him when we have a bad game. Since then he's just been anxious to get started again. The only way to make yourself feel better when you have a bad game or bad play is to do better on the next one. That's the case for him. That's the case for all of us because we all had our name on that game."

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