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Former Charlotte Observer writer Pat Yasinkas posted this article on

It is up to date as of this afternoon at 1pm, and talks about Carolina's depth issues, particularly now with Kemo out for the season on IR. It also mentions how the Panthers have never had back to back winning seasons, and how the coaching staff and management plan to change that fact in 2009.

Some highlights for those to lazy to read it:

Can Delhomme recover from his horrible performance in the playoff loss to Arizona?

  AP Photo/Chuck Burton
  Jake Delhomme needs to forget about his performance in last season's playoff loss to Arizona.

That game was the ugliest of Delhomme's career. He threw five interceptions and lost a fumble. But that game was totally out of character with everything else Delhomme has done for this franchise.

That's why Fox and Hurney decided to stick with their quarterback even when fans were screaming for a change. For whatever reason, the Panthers got thrown off their basic philosophy in the Arizona game and Delhomme suddenly was asked to win a game by himself. That's not what Delhomme does and it's not Fox's style.

The Panthers simply need to let Delhomme get back to what he does best; that's going out and managing a game. With an excellent running game around him, Delhomme's at his best when he simply is asked not to lose games.

More perspective from people refusing to take sides in the great Jake debate. Take it or leave it.

How devastating was the loss of Kemoeatu?

More than you might think. Kemoeatu is a very average defensive tackle with no pass-rush skills and should be replaceable. But the problem is the Panthers had absolutely no depth behind him.

Tell us about it. I hope Meeks can apply some of that small lineman knowledge to the Panthers. He goes on further to discuss our losses on depth to the Offensive Line.

Market watch


Wide receiver Dwayne Jarrett has been one of the most talked about players this offseason. He was disappointing his first two seasons, but there have been signs of hope throughout offseason workouts and early in camp. Jarrett seems to have finally picked up the offense and many say he appears more dedicated this year. Although Muhsin Muhammad is still going strong at 36, the Panthers need Jarrett to start taking on a bigger role.

It is good to hear as many words of encouragement as we can get regarding Dwayne Jarrett. If he can step up and become a good possession receiver, then we may be just as deadly through the air as we are on the ground.

The Panthers took running back Mike Goodson in the fourth round. They have a very good tandem with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, but you're going to see a fair amount of Goodson. He has excellent speed and some skills as a receiver. Carolina's going to install a few new offensive wrinkles to try to get him the ball in space and he could be a big factor in the return game.

Good to hear that Slash is making news along with Smash and Dash. I was fired up about our running game last season, but I am very excited to see what new dynamics that Goodson will bring coming out of the backfield and out on the wing.

The battle for the starting fullback job might be more competitive than you think. Veteran Brad Hoover has been a very dependable player and an underrated part of this offense for a very long time. But Hoover has taken a pounding through the years and it's starting to catch up to his body. Rookie Anthony Fiammetta is a younger version of Hoover and he's picking up the system very quickly. At the very least, Fiammetta is going to get significant playing time.

Time to warm up your voices to yell Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooony instead of Hooooooooooooooooooover. Is it possible that Brad is out of a job?

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