CSR Interviews the Catman - Panthers HoF Fan

After the world famous Catman announced his membership to this site I had a number of questions for him and thought I would share them with you. 



1. How did you become the Panthers HoF fan? What's the best part about being the Panthers HoF fan?

I won a contest sponsored by VISA & the NFL & I was chosen as the winner in Dec. 2003, then the Panthers continued to win in the Playoffs that year. VISA called me before the Eagles vs Panthers, Championship game & asked me if I could attend the Superbowl & endorse visa, a week prior to the game, provided the panthers won. I was inducted in a ceremony at the HOF in Aug. 2004, in the same room the new inductees meet in after their induction. That was the best part of that experience, giving my speech, in the HOF! And having my photo displayed in the Hall!

Sweet, must have been too cool.

2. What is the most memorable Panther game you have attended to date? Describe what you were feeling at the time of the game or after the game.

The game I'll never forget is the SuperBowl, I did the game, after a week of pampering by VISA and showing me off to the media as the number one fan during the number one event on the planet and I represented my Panthers as the number one fan!! It was surreal in the 4th qtr when we took the lead because previously it felt like an away game with the sea of patriot fans around me, drowning my efforts out. When we took the lead with minutes left; I thought: "This is the Super Bowl!! we're gonna win the last game of the season, as Champs!!" Then it all fell quickly as the patriot swell began again and ended in their favor. My highest high, down to my lowest low ever. I catch a lot of flack in our stadium when we lose, from the few fans there in my section, but this was away and I represented the losing team with all that damn glitter falling! I'll never forget it, I was a Panther player that lost too, it hurt me, seems like, as much as a player!  My second game would be the pre-season game where I was the target of a media joke (you can read about it here) and it culminated in me getting a brand new Ford F150

I would have been pissed about that joke as well, but hey it worked out big time.

3. Which other NFL teams' fans have left the worst impression on you based on their behavior at a Panther game? What did they do to earn this distinction?

The worst fans come from 1. Patriots 2. Pittsburgh 3. Dallas; I had a patriot fan to tell me he was a hockey player that lead in penalty minutes in his league. I told him if he gestured near me I would "bury him in his penalty box". Dallas brings the most fans they talk the most junk but patriot fans think they're invincible, pitts fans run a close second to stupid behaviors.

This has been my experience as well.

4. Who's your all time favorite Panther? Why? Favorite Panther on the current team (if different)? Why?

My favorite all time Panther is Mark Carrier and Muhsin Muhammad, they each gave me game balls which are links to friendships. I wear Muhsin's number out of respect and I wore it when I was inducted and it graces my Bobble Head Doll! I must mention Reggie White whom I prayed to God to deliver him to us out of retirement. I had cool chills when he signed w/us, later in the season he gave me a glove but without talking. I had closure with his son, Jeremy, who told me that his Dad did those type of things. RIP Reggie White and Sam Mills, who also talked with me 10 mins during a Bobcats game.

5. Do you have any pre-game rituals that you do to ensure a Panther victory?

When a player chats with me before a game, we win! I noticed the difference when they did or didn't. So I'm always reaching out to somebody that can handle a pregame discussion.

Can we just schedule these chats prior to every game? Moose? Smitty, make it happen.

6. What are your predictions for the Panthers 2009 season?

I think we will make the playoffs even with this tough schedule, but with less wins than last year. I foresee either a 11-5 season or 10-6 at least. Our division must be respected.

Thanks for asking me for this interview, I'm off today for the HOF ceremonies where I will join the other Superfans for the induction Parade and tailgate. Then we'll do the HOF game 2gether and talk smack all weekend. Let your readers know I will be on the lookout for future fans I can Draft to our HOF list of prospects next to join us!

Thanks for the answers Catman and we'll be looking for you at the HoF game and every Panther home game. Welcome!

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