Panther Paw Prints: Day One of TC Edition

By now we've all had the time to let the shock of losing DT Maake Kemoeatu for the foreseeable future to wear off. This edition of the Paw Prints will focus on the positive story lines from day one of the Panthers 2009 Training Camp (TC).

Beason shrugs off hamstring injury -
I just tweaked it," said Beason, who added that he hadn't warmed up sufficiently before practice. "It was my fault."

This is positive, he just failed to warm up properly. Expect to see Beason on the bike a few days as Dan Conner fills in admirably.

  • This former Gamecock is starting to impress:

Captain takes his confidence up a rank on first day -
Steve Smith, it was crazy that I was up against him," Captain says after his first practice in pads. "I used to see the guy on TV and he's so short and small and so physical and reminds me of myself. And I'm trying to make a play on him and trying to open some eyes."

We need more aggression in the backfield, CB's that can play a WR tough at the line when needed. The Panthers are needed a gunner too on kick coverage so maybe that might be where Munnerlyn makes his impact.

  • I want no part of this kind of dancing:

Mason's Minutes: The dance continues
"It's never easy with him," Gross said. "He's got the great speed and quickness, and I always say that he's the best athlete you'll see in the league. That'll be the story until he retires."

I think there is credence to the notion these guys have made each other better over the past couple of seasons.


Pictured: OL Justin Geisinger battles DT Lorenzo William with a look of determination!

  • We have to give Peppers props for signing before camp and not waiting as many other players might do to avoid TC:

Peppers gets a ribbing on first day back | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
"I asked him, ‘You're crazy. Why are you back already?' Because I did the same thing last year (when tagged). He said, ‘I've got to knock the dust off.' That's what we're doing right now. It's good for me and good for the whole team that he's around right now."

Don't let Pep fool you, he always comes into camp already in shape as he has been working out in AZ for many weeks.

  • Why do I even bother reading a John Fox interview?

Foxhole: First practice
On rookie defensive tackle Marlon Favorite, who replaced Kemoeatu in practice: He's a neat, young man. He gives you everything he's got. We saw that out of college, and I haven't seen anything different than that, which is a good thing.

Okay, he's 'neat', but can he stop the run? What I'd really like to hear from Fox is a vote of confidence about the DL, even if its a lie!

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