Observations from Ravens Game


QB--Both Delhomme and McCown looked pretty good.  McCown did a great job of hitting his targets, avoiding sacks, and scrambling when necessary.  I would still like us to trade Moore for either a DT or draft pick and keep Cantwell as developmental on the roster.

RB--Goodson is a real contributor.  WIth DWill and Stew, we are set at RB.

FB--Hoover and Fiametta continue to block well and play special teams.  Keep 'em both.

WR--Looks like the top 4 have emerged with Jarret and Moor joining the starters.  Only question is do they keep 5?

TE--All 3 continue to impress.  Keep all 3.  Rosario can back up at WR in emergency.

OL--Vincent had a rough night.  Back-ups seem to be improving.  Wonder if Bernadeau can catch in goal line situations when he reports as eligible receiver?

DL---Weak at DT.  Can Brayton move inside and let Johnson and Brown play end? Need a veteran DT before Philly.  Brown and Peppers will be tough for other QB's in passing situations.  Question is can we keep them in 3rd and longs?

LB--Much weaker without starters.  Anderson, Conner, Johnson, and Leman are keepers.

DB--Pretty set.  They just need to execute better. 



Tackling has been awful.  Whole D needs to improve quickly.

Meeks scheme will give up longer drives this year, but less big plays. There will be more turnovers forced this year in his scheme IF the front four can get enough pressure on QB.  Looks to me the main problems are lack of starters and execution right now.  D will be better later in the season as players execute new system better unless we continue to have injuries. 

Too much made of 3 and outs.  Penalties hurt  a lot (many questionalbe ticky tack calls) and Fox is not going to show anything on 3rd and longs in an exhibition.  Goodson was getting 4+ yards per carry, so we would be running more in regular season and sustaining drives.

Looks like a great draft by Hurney and Fox this year.  Brown, Goodson, and Munnerlyn look very good for rookies.  Robinson will develop and be solid.  Martin and Irvin the same.  Fiametta is FB of the future.  Shows the wisdom of taking the best players regardless of position.  Goodson at RB is prime example.

There are definitely causes for concern, but I still don't put much stock in exhibition games.  Let's see where they are after the first 3 real games.  Recovery from injuries is the biggest concern.

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