Panthers vs. Dolphins First Half Film Review

Continuing my reviews of the first half of Panther preseason games I have the following observations from a review of the game tape.

1st Offensive series (O-1) On 2nd down Jake had to rush his throw after D-Will missed his block on the LB. The ball was still catchable but Barnidge dropped it. On 3rd down Jake stepped up into the pocket nicely to avoid the rush but then overthrew WR Moore. Anderson had a nice ST tackle on the punt. 2 yds total gained.

1st Defensive Series (D-1) Godfrey had a missed tackle. Brown goes for 51 yards total between 4 plays. On the swing pass for a TD, Harris was late covering Brown and then overran the tackle. Goodson had a decent 27 yd runback on the ensuing KO.

(2-O) Two runs up the middle were stuffed, the second involving a leg injury to Otah. In his absence Schwartz played pretty well as he picked up a blitzing LB to allow time for a 1st down pass to Robinson (15 yds). Rosario then had a nice catch over the middle (16) for a 1st and Barnidge held on to one himself (11). D-Will then had his TD run with Rosario delivering a key block on LB Crowder.

(2-D) Gamble had a nice tackle coming in quick from his corner spot. Devon Bess dropped a sure 1st down and then LB Anderson stopped them short. The Dolphins then run 2 wildcats to Brown for 3 yds total. Munnerlyn then had his big return for 44 yds that was really all him as I've reported before. He should have scored but got pushed just enough to barely step out of bounds. That would have been the first PR for a TD in as long as I can remember.

(3-O) Otah returned and had a FS. Goodson stuffed, no gain. K. Moore caught an out pattern for 9. Goodson makes a nice acrobatic catch but gets stopped for no gain. J3 then had his first bad snap as the Panther long snapper and he got his money's worth. It was so high Baker could only grab it and roll out but no WR made himself available for a catch, though he had time. It gives special teams coach Crossman something to harp on in practice.

(3-D) The Dolphins ran the WC 4 of 6 plays to the tune of 50 yds. This is the drive they kill us on until 1st and goal. After two stops Conner sticks the WR short of the goal forcing the FG. Nice pressure on this play too.

(4-O) Goodson nice 23 yd return. Mat Moore in the game at QB. 1st play he hits Jeff King for 22 yards. He then misses on Moore that combines with  King holding penalty to kill the drive. Punt with Rosario providing good coverage.

(4-D) Conner makes a face-up tackle for a loss. Anderson and Marshall make nice tackles. Anderson forces a punt with a nice tackle on a scrambling Pat White. Munnerlyn muffs the punt but miraculously strips the ball back from the other team.

(5-0) After a Goodson run for a 4 yd loss, MM hits Rosario for 24 over the middle (Is that considered stretching the middle of the field?). Moore then misses a couple passes and the Panthers punt. The return is muffed and Diggs recovers. It was a horrible muff, careening off the PR guys thigh straight to Diggs at the 29 yd line.

(6-0) Five straight Goodson runs net 27 yds before Birmingham comes in to close the deal in classic Panther style: 2 yd run between the tackles = TD!

Halftime: Panthers 14 Dolphins 10

I think if the Panthers can figure out the wildcat they can beat the Dolphins in the regular season. The fact it's a late season game though means anything can happen.

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