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Panthers at Miami

I rewatched the game from last night on NFL Network. I kept rewinding and putting down thoughts as they popped up. I liked seeing the game in a new HDTV and in my area. I won't be able to do too much insight through the season due to my geographic location but I can say that this part of the season is a fun time. I enjoy the cuts, position battles, and trials/errors. Feel free to comment on some of my thoughts after the jump.

Barnidge in traffic not going to be open for long. Needs to focus on catching first like Rosario is showing this game. Dante makes a great play in the second quarter to get a great gain and a first down. Bad chop blocks by DeAngelo

Ryne’s hand seems to cause him pain after a play. Any updates on that?

Anderson moving at 100 mph. When he makes contact, the carrier will go down.

Gamble is falling into blocks and not being able to sit back but that is the new Cover 2.

Harris and Godfrey need to learn how to tackle. I know “don’t go all out” but you will hurt yourself by arm tackling.

Gamble got picked on the Brown TD but Harris needs to square up to the carrier (being Brown) when in the open field. Came over from the left of Brown but overshot the angle.

When Vincent pulls he seems to be thinking down the field too much. Penetration in the first quarter seems to be coming through him. Better solid pockets would be helpful for Jake.

Wharton isn’t always picking up his assignment. Looks like he is taking Jordan’s misses but leaving the left for him. Schwartz is playing well for Otah in his absence. Leaving him alone on his blocks and he is locking down on his defenders.

On the TD run by D Will though, safety blitz by Miami 6 man rush and Wharton pulling misses a whole bunch of Miami defenders. King is getting man handled by the rush but D Will is smart enough to abandon the original hole and cut back around  Schwartz who cross blocked with King and ended up helping Barnidge enough that Barnidge moved to the second level and pick up Crowder. Some positives definitely but we did not handle the blitz well. D Will’s talents shine.

Lack of inside DL penetration caused comfortable pockets.

Dante Wesley and Marshall held on the Captain punt return. Made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the outcome of the punt return but Captain still had great vision. Marshall’s hold on the punter was very obvious.

Great catch by Goodson on the trips left set but the corner blitz zone set by Miami was the perfect counter. I am hoping that our O Line stays intact because the outside rush on that play was not picked up. I think a single back formation is tough for Jake. Hope we have some good blocking backs to keep the turnovers low and Jake comfortable to do his work.

Connor seems unblockable sometimes. They get a hat on him but he seems to be able to find a way around and get to the ball carrier. In the game thread last night I asked about a play where there was a mistackle. It was by Connor on a checkdown to Brown by Pennington and Connor was on Brown but game him too much room to make moves and caused Connor to throw his arms out to attempt a tackle. I hope he gets some more changes at open field tackles.

On the Wildcat reverse to Chad, Carolina’s defense looked frozen. We seemed hesitant on committing either to the run or the pass. We need to get some more direction on what to do in situations like the one we faced. 

Rosario looks good on special teams. Seems valuable to our team and if he continues his ST success, the roster spot is his.

Everette Brown does a great job covering Williams coming out of the backfield in the second quarter. He has great speed. Pat White had the play designed for Williams but ruins the call with great coverage. Making Pat White run, maybe it will be Chad later on this season with better results.

Our ST coverage looks good. Having a plethora of LB’s and TE’s and other speedy yet sizable position is a plus for our special teams.

Miami seems to have great penetration despite the 3-4. When we meet later in the season I hope we don’t get one dimensional if they shut down the run.

Goodson looked upset that he couldn’t score the TD on one of the runs in the Miami redzone at the end of the second quarter. He was seen hitting his helmet and then got hit hard the next play and was taken out. Great move how DeCori gives him props afterwards. Great chemistry with the RB’s on our team.

Second half begins. Seems like we are tackling better up the middle and clogging some of the holes. I see a lot of the Dolphins’ backs are bouncing.

Everette Brown with the sack around Jake Long! Everette does the silliest dance ever afterwards but I love it. Around Jake Long! Still can’t believe it!

After the Dolphins get the ball back Joe Fields at SS is locked on to Cobbs in the flat but does not hold strong and allows himself to get played by Cobbs causing another first down.

Third quarter filled with average plays. We seem to play better but unfortunately start to let them have drives and give up more points other than the Hilliard run. On that play we get handled because of the strong blitz we were bringing to the opposite side. No corner on the weak side and Martin misses a tackle with Leman held up long enough to not be involved on the play. Leman still has hustle as he takes the angle as Teal does not wrap Hilliard up but it is too late. Props to Hilliard for taking the hit and rushing for the end zone. Great blocking by Miami. Right play for Miami against our blitz.

Brandon London from UMass (my school) takes a chop at our return wedge after the TD. Dirty play from a fellow Minuteman. =[

Cameron Wake beat Schwartz who was playing so well when he was filling in for Otah allows McCown to get hit. Maybe he feels bad for the backups. I imagine we will hear the name Wake a lot more this season. Great CFL career. I imagine he will have some impacts on that Miami defense that seems to be destroying our OL some times during this game.

Teal just got leap frogged by Hilliard. The illegal formation brings it back. The Montana running back shows that the FCS (Football Championship – not the bowls – formally I-AA) has a lot of talent.

The TE’s look good tonight. Rosario is playing up to par. McCown does look a little comfortable in the system but I am still shaky about him. Dante looks like he has been working hard at practice.

Methodical drive to lead off the 4th. The Miami coverage I am watching is annoying and talking about the Super Bowl right now and not showing too much of the game. Looks like we are moving the ball well and the OL is doing great work opening up the holes right now. Looking good 2nd and 3rd stringers. Picking up all the blocks that DeCori and Lee need.

When Miami commits to a blitz, our OL is looking very weak. A lot of leaks getting through.

Come on Beavers! Too many D’oh moments! Not feeling like we will have a solid PR unless we commit to Goodson but seeing nothing with the current candidates.

Our OL is non-existent in the last part of the 4th. Oh well and our D is not wrapping up well.

These are my game thoughts and nothing more but please feel free to comment on them. I like being able to see a Panther game every now and then. Thanks guys. Signing off.

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