Could Marlon Favorite be the answer?

I posted this on another site, and decided to put it out here, as the level of expertise here is high, and I hope for your comments.


Favorite was in on the following plays, in the 2nd quarter:

13:03 1&10 @ mid-field (LDT) -- a run at him produced only 1 yd.
12:32 2&9 @ Car49  (LDT) -- defensive penalty against DB Wilson
12:27 1&10 @ Car44 (RDT) -- sack by LB Anderson for 8yd loss (Favorite was double team blocked)

(Hayden then came back in for 2 plays)

10:19 1&10 @ Car32 (LDT) -- a run at him produced 2 yds.
9:40 2&8 @ Car30 (RDT) -- incomplete pass
(Hayden replaced Favorite on a passing down, and he missed a tackle in the backfield)

...after NY missed a FG try, and Goodson subsequently fumbled...

4:18 1&10 NY30 (RDT) -- sweep to right (not his side) he was in pursuit, and was in on the tackle after a 4yd gain.
3:39 2&6 NY34 (RDT) -- Hayden came in at LDT, the only play I saw when they were in together -- run to rt gained only 2 yds.
(taken out on 3rd down, which produced the unusual defensive alignment of Everette Brown at LDE, Johnson and Hayden at tackles, and Hilee Taylor at RDE -- this led to the Taylor sack!)

on the next defensive series, after the McCown tipped pass INT, the DL was Charles Johnson, Hayden and Corvey Irvin at tkls, and Everette Brown at RDE.  At least it was for the first 3 plays, an 8yd run and 2 incomplete passes.

At this point, the Giants took T.O. and decided to go for it on 4th down -- a key play for Favorite.

On 4th &2, we substituted Favorite at LDT for Hayden, and Hayden took Irvin's place at RT.

The play was off their LT, to Hayden's side, yet Favorite pursued and shared the tackle with Mortty Ivy, the LB.  This stopped their drive.

We took over on downs, but because of Geoff Schwartz' missed block, McCown was sacked and fumbled at our 36.  They then scored in 3 plays, but Favorite was not in on the last defensive series.  On the 36yd TD, we lined up with Everette Brown at LDE, Johnson and Hayden at tackles, and Taylor at RDE, the alignment that previously produced the Hilee Taylor sack.  This time they set up a screen pass  to Brown's blocker, who slid off and was wide open in the flat, thanks to no LB coverage. gave Marlon Favorite very high marks, for his play in the 1st half.


In the second half, he did even better, showing good pursuit, and drawing double team blocks on several plays, allowing LB's like J Leman to make plays.

Here's his breakdown, in the 14 plays he was in on:



15:00 1&10 @ NY20 (LDT) -- he brought QB pressure, but a 4yd pass was completed.

14:20  2&6 @NY24 (LDT) -- run off their LT, he pursues and makes tkl after 5 yd gain.

13:40 3&1 @NY29   (RDT) -- sweep right, he pursues well, but a 1st down.

13:10 1&10 @NY35 (LDT) -- gets penetration 2yds, forces run to left, tackled by Connor for loss.

12:30 2&12 @ NY33 (RDT) -- double teamed but pursues QB out of pocket -- pass intercepted by Teal.


11:33 1&10 @ NY44 (RDT) -- offensive holding declined - no gain on play.

11:26 2&10 @NY44 (RDT) -- draw play, he shared tackle with Leman, only a 1yd gain.

10:37 3&9 @NY45 -- he's out on the passing down; an incompletion forces NY to punt.

(...after our punt)

8:19 1&10 @NY38 (RDT) -- his penetration up the middle helped Brown get his sack.

7:46 2&17 @NY31 (RDT) -- sealed his gap and forced cutback to rt; no gain tackle by Leman.

7:07 3&17 @NY31 -- he's out again on a passing down, and they complete for a 1&10.

6:37 1&10 @Car48 (RDT) -- incomplete pass - (Casper Brinkley enters game, and plays rest of game at LDE.)

6:23 2&10 @Car48 (LDT) -- he made the tackle, for a 1yd gain.

5:49 3&9 @Car47 -- he goes out for 1 play, and Corvey Irvin jumps offside.

5:45 3&4 @Car42 (LDT) -- double teamed, pass incomplete, leading to punt.

(...after our punt)

3:56 1&10 @NY42 (LDT) -- here he makes his best play of the night -- they sweep to the opposite side, Favorite gets penetration, pursues, and makes the solo tackle for a 3yd loss!  (Could Kemo do that?)

3:20 2&13 @NY39 (RDT) -- incomplete pass.

3:06 3&13 -- he's out on another obvious passing down; screen pass gains 7, but they have to punt.


(after Rosario misses his block on Sintim, who sacks Moore for a fumble and turnover.)

Favorite is out the rest of the game, as the Panthers play various DL alignments, getting Lonnie Harvey in for 5 plays, Lorenzo Williams in for 10, and George Hypolite in for 7.  The remaining 15 defensive plays or so, we line up with Brinkley at LDE, and Hilee Taylor at RE.  They try many different combinations at the tackles.  Irvin gets through on one play for a 13yd loss, and Brinkley shares a sack with Quinton Teal. Hilee Taylor stops a sweep for no gain on another.  Generally good, aggressive play by our subs


So my conclusion is that Nick Hayden is the weak link at DT, and that we should see more of Marlon Favorite in games to come.  I didn't see a single play that he wouldn't grade out highly on.

If anybody saw any plays differently, I hope you'll call it to my attention.  IMO, based on admittedly only one game (and not against their starters in the 1st quarter), Favorite did all that he was asked to, and as well as Kemo ever did.  He fills his gap, gets penetration, and allows the LB's freedom to make tackles.

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