How Will the Panthers Roster End Up?

I've seen a ton of speculation on this forum about who we will keep, who we won't, how much space will we have, who the practice squad will be, etc.  So I'm going to try to answer some of those questions, as the Panthers check in to Wofford for training camp, how will the roster look a month from now.  Keep in mind, this is purely speculation, a lot will change between now and when the season rolls in.  First off, our starters and backups at each position

QB: Delhomme, McCown, Moore, Cantwell

RB: Williams, Stewart, Goodson, Lee, Birmingham

FB: Hoover, Fiametta

WR: Smith, Muhammad, Jarret, Carter, Robinson, Moore, Cherry, Beavers, McMahan, Monk

TE: King, Rosario, Barnidge, Brock, Davie

OL: Gross, Wharton, Kalil, Vincent, Otah, Robinson, Bernadeau, Schwartz, Cadogan, Palmer, Williams, Gray, Geisinger, Davis, Brown (I list all OL because most are versatile)

DE: Peppers, Brown, Brayton, Johnson, Taylor, Brinkley

DT: Kemoeatu, Lewis, Irvin, Hayden, Favorite, Harvey, Williams

LB: Beason, Davis, Diggs, Johnson, Connor, Anderson, Heygood, Leman, Ivy

CB: Gamble, Marshall, Wilson, Martin, Wesley, Munnerlynn, Clark

S: Harris, Godfrey, Salley, Teal, Chiara, Fields

ST: Kasay, Baker, Lloyd, Sundberg, Jansen

Total: 81 

Limit: 53

PS: 8

The first cut is down to 75, then the final cut to 53. 

First cut:  Monk, Davie, Leman, Geisinger, Davis, Clark

Monk will have to work very hard to earn a spot, I think we'll stick with what we know we have in McMahan.  Davie is a great blocker, but too raw, same with Monk, we know what we have with Brock.  Leman has had trouble with the humidity, plus we have plenty of linebackers.  Geisinger and Davis don't show as much promise as Brown and everyone else, Clark doesn't have the money and picks invested that Munnerlynn does. 

Final Cut:  Sundberg, Chiara, Heygood, Ivy, Williams, Harvey, Gray, Brown, McMahan, Cherry, Birmingham, Cantwell, Lee, Beavers, Moore, Fields, Williams, Palmer, Brock, Brinkley, Favorite, Munnerlynn. 

Jansen has a pick invested, plus experience, so he gets the nod over Sundberg.  Chiara and Fields are excess depth at a deep position, same with the linebackers Heygood and Ivy.  DT Lorenzo Williams has outlived his time here, Harvey might be better than Favorite, but I don't think so, Favorite doesn't outperform anyone on the active roster, or if he does he still have PS eligibility.  Gray might get a spot if he outperforms Cadogan, but in this he doesn't.  Brown is the same way, as is Gary Williams and Palmer.  McMahan has the misfortune of being in an exceedingly deep WR corps, same for Cherry, Beavers, and Moore.  Birmingham has talent, maybe even a season of PS eligibility left, unfortunately the Panthers are to deep at RB.  Lee has shown quite a bit of promise, but there just isn't room, plus it's unlikely he'd contribute much this year.  Brock and Brinkley can't outperform any of the other players on the roster, their time ends.  Munnerlynn was the toughest cut, it was either him, Cadogan, or Teal, but because of the depth at corner, and the fact that Teal has no PS eligibility, the Captain gets sunk.  Cantwell isn't better than any of the top 3 QB's. 

Practice Squad: Captain Munnerlynn, Marlin Favorite, Jamal Lee, Gary Williams/Patrick Brown, Hunter Cantwell, Larry Beavers, Anthony Heygood, Sulak : ) . 


Which would leave a depth chart of......


QB: Starter-Jake Delhomme

Backups-Josh McCown, Matt Moore

RB: Starter-Deangelo Williams

Backups-Jonathan Stewart, Mike Goodson.

FB: Starter-Brad Hoover

Backups-Tony Fiametta

WR: Starter-Steve Smith, Muhsin Muhammad

Backups-Dwayne Jarret, Jason Carter, Mike Goodson, Ryne Robinson. 

TE: Starter-Jeff King

Backups-Dante Rosario, Gary Barnidge

LT: Starter-Jordan Gross

Backups-Travelle Wharton, Gerald Cadogan

LG: Starter-Travelle Wharton

Backups-Duke Robinson, Mackenzy Bernadeau

C: Starter-Ryan Kalil

Backup-Mackenzy Bernadeau

RG: Starter-Keydrick Vincent

Backups-Duke Robinson, Geoff Schwartz

RT: Jeff Otah

Backups-Either Jordan Gross or Duke Robinson/Geoff Schwartz


RDE: Starter-Julius Peppers

Backup-Charles Johnson, Hilee Taylor

LDE: Starter-Tyler Brayton

Backups-Everette Brown, Charles Johnson, Hilee Taylor

NT: Starter-Maake Kemoeatu

Backups-Nick Hayden, Corey Irvin

UT: Starter-Damione Lewis

Backups-Corey Irvin, Nick Hayden

WLB: Starter-Thomas Davis

Backup-James Anderson

MLB: Starter-Jon Beason

Backup-Dan Connor

SLB: Starter-Nai'l Diggs

Backup-Landon Johnson

CB: Starters-Chris Gamble, Richard Marshall

Backups-C.J. Wilson, Sherrod Martin, Dante Wesley

FS: Starter-Charles Godfrey

Backup-Quinton Teal, Sherrod Martin? 

SS: Starter-Chris Harris

Backup-Nate Salley

K: Starter-John Kasay

Backup-Ryhs Lloyd. 

P: Starter-Jason Baker

KOS-Ryhs Lloyd

Returner: Starter-Ryne Robinson

Backups-Mike Goodson, Jason Carter. 

Gunner/Specialist-Dante Wesley, Sherrod Martin. 


A couple notes, all the linebackers could play pretty much anywhere, and an alternate theory of Hayden on the PS and Favorite on the active roster was considered.    

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