The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Impressions From Panthers-Giants Game

First game of the season, I was so pumped it didn't seem like 2 AM.  There were some very good things, some bad things, and a few that were just ugly, so here are the notes.  Enjoy, and please take them with a grain of salt, I am a known Panther homer and an optimist. : )


Deangelo Williams and the first teams O-line: D-Will looks like an absolute beast, if we can run the ball, control the clock, we may not have to rely on our defense to stop the run, as who runs the ball anymore when you're down by seven. ; ) 

Mike Goodson: Had a few good runs, he definitely has some speed and can make something happen with the ball in his hands.  Notice his TD run, he froze the guy in the backfield and outran the D to the sideline.  He also showed some power on a few runs. 

Quinton Teal: He made several good tackles, along with that INT which was a nice jump off of Barden.  Teal should definitely earn a roster spot. 

Jeremy Leman: This guy was like Jon Beason Version 2.0, he was sticking his nose in and making the play.  He keeps it up and he is definitely on the roster as a special teamer. 

Dan Connor: Beason 3.0, he played very well, he knew how to tackle, unlike most of the rest of the D, and had great instincts to read the play.  I could definitely see him supplanting Diggs, earlier if Diggs succumbs to the injury imp. 

Jake Delhomme: He looked a little antsy, threw off his back foot a few times, but he made a few good plays and spread the ball around, dumping off to the TE a few times.  Which brings me to....

Gary Barnidge: Ran with the first team, our running game didn't lose anything with him in, don't know what it would have gained with King though.....  Regardless, Gary made some nice catches, they were both dumps though, didn't really see him stretch the field though like he's been advertised.

Richard Marshall: Compared to the rest of the first team secondary, Marshall played well, he stuck his nose in on a few tackles and wasn't beat, at least from what I could see. 

Everette Brown: He hustled all night, and was rewarded with a blindside sack of Andre Woodson.  He definitely showed some moves, and why we drafted him. 

Julius Peppers: Interesting play by Pepl, Jacobs caught a medium ball, Pepper hustled up and wrapped him up from behind.  After the play, Jacobs said a few words to Pep and did that football helmet pat thing.  Pep had this big goofy grin.  : D 

Dante Wesley: Showed why he was ahead on the DC, making a few nice plays in coverage. 

James Anderson: Hustled, made several good plays, namely a sack and punt block. 

Marlon Favorite: Played better than Hayden........

Kenneth Moore: Definitely played better than the other wideouts, made a few nice catches in traffic.  He has been working out with Steve Smith this offseason and that definitely showed. 

Jon Gruden: I was pleasantly surprised by his commentation in the booth, he and Jaws are a great team. 


Chris Gamble: Shoddy tackling, not like Gamble at all.  Then again, I'm not sure I recognize that defense that took the field in the first quarter. 

Josh McCown: Fumble, pick, he did not play well.  To be fair, Schwartz allowed the sack, and the pick was deflected, but if Jake/Moore get no breaks, neither should McCown. ; ) 

Dwayne Jarret: Ran a route short I think, lack of focus, or just a brain fart? 

Punt Coverage: Soft in the beginning, kind of coincides with our slow start. 

Tackling: Absolutely abysmal, we were flying to the ball, hitting them hard, then bouncing off.  : (  We can't afford to play like that come Week 1, especially with the way we were handled with the run. 

Sherrod Martin: This one is kind of a mixed bag, he made a play or two, missed a couple more, including a 3rd and 17 conversion which could of resulted in a pick. 

C.J. Wilson: Was beat a few times. 

Pass-Blocking: A little sloppy, but the G-Men have the best D-line in football, period. 

Geoff Schwartz: Horrible.  Was beaten outside repeatedly, made some stupid mistakes, he should be moved inside where he can use his strength. 

Jason Carter: He had a reputation for drops coming into Carolina, which I found hard to believe until I saw him play. O_o   Wow.  With Kenneth Moore playing well, Carter really can't afford to have a bad preseason. 

Ryne Robinson: As a receiver, he played worse than Carter.  As a return man, he looked better than Goodson, who stuttered too much.  He tied with Beavers. 

Backups on the O-line: Are definitely raw. 

Dante Rosario: Missed a key block

Hunter Cantwell: Maybe the "Cantwell" needs a read defense added on.  That said, he has an absolute rocket for an arm, as well as some mobility.  Maybe some of Jake's moxy as well.  Definitely worth a spot on the PS though. 


First team D was very vanilla, but that doesn't excuse the performance they turned in, shoddy tackling, Hayden deserves to be benched.  What epitomized the first team D was the Bradshaw TD, Hayden was blown away, which left the pulling guard free, he blew up Beason before he could stuff Bradshaw in the hole. 


Gruden/Jaws debate over the Wildcat.  They convinced me. : ) 

Matt Moore.  I'm watching the game now, they replay primetime in the afternoon, I'm definitely going to look very closely at Moore, I thought I did last night, but nothing really stood out and I have to give something to MP in that regard. ; D 


Please weigh in with discussion, maybe I make this a weekly thing.....

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