Giants Defeat Panthers 23-17; Quick Hits

The Panthers fell to the Giants in a preseason game and the best I can say is we didn't appear to suffer any injuries that I could tell. Both the starting offensive and defensive units were less than impressive. The offense could not move the ball and the defense could not stop the run. I guess that's about my worst case scenario (barring a major injury). Sure its the preseason so I'm not going to get too worked up about it. But if I put my rose-colored glasses on here's the positive stuff from the first teams:

  • RB DeAngelo Williams looked good and in top form
  • TE Gary Barnidge played well, showed good hands and quicks for a TE

Pictured: Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw ran wide over the Panthers defense

That's about all that comes to mind positive-wise from the first teams. Did I miss anything? The back-up units on the other hand had several notable players. Let's start with the offense:

  •   RB Mike Goodson was very impressive. Aside from his two fumbles he showed great cut back ability and a nose for the end zone. The Panthers have something here but I don't think I liked him at KR. He stutter-stepped too much to be effective.
  • QB Hunter Cantwell delivered a late TD drive after the previous two back-ups McCown and Moore were inconsistent. The kid has a gun for an arm for sure and showed nice poise with a 20 yard scramble.
  • With a few exceptions (dumb penalties) the second unit offensive line did a good job picking up the Giants stunts
  • WR Jason Chery had a nice catch and run for a TD from Cantwell 

The defense had a few bright spots:

  • LB James Anderson blocked a punt for a safety
  • S Quinton Teal got an INT with a nice break on the ball (which I predicted..har)
  • LB's Jeremy Leman had 8 tackles and Mortty Ivy 7. Leman looked expecially quick in support of the run
  • DT Marlon Favorite looked active and fairly stout at the point of attack
  • DE Everette Brown struggled early but got 2 sacks when the competition lessened
  • CB Sherrod Martin played some tight coverage though he wasn't always successful at stopping the play

Special Teams:

  • Though the kick return game was nothing special I thought Ryne Robinson showed the most confidence catching the ball. WR Larry Beavers could still make a run at it but it appears to be Robinsons to lose

One other positive is that the game didn;t go into overtime. There's certainly plenty of negative things to point out but we have the rest of the week to discuss that. What other positives did we have?

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