A realistic analysis of what our QB position could be.


People in general are very quick to judge their team’s quarterback. When a season goes badly they become target 1-A. In this way, we Panther fans are like any others in the NFL. Prior to Jake Delhomme’s arrival in Charlotte we had never been to a Superbowl, and had not seen a level of success in years. All it took was that fateful day in September and one pass to Ricky Prohl and Jake was cemented as our starter. The honeymoon ended after the Superbowl season and the critics and supporters have drawn a proverbial chalk line down the bed and we all lie on either side of it.


I write this not to admonish the Jake supporters, or chide those who dislike him. I was always taught that if you’re going to criticize someone, or something you should also volunteer an alternative. From the side of the ‘replace Jake’ crew I see a lot of posts about how we should get rid of him, but no offerings on what or who we should have gotten as a replacement. I am looking into this now, season by season since Jake’s arrival in Charlotte to see what options were out there, who we passed on and how they compare to Delhomme.


For the benchmark, here are Delhomme’s career averages as a starter.

2,873 yds, 19 TD/11.8 INT (1.61 ratio), 89.18 RTG

2003-04 Offseason- Unlikely we would have looked for a QB after the Superbowl Season, but who was out there?


DRAFT: Who did we miss out on in this draft? After the ‘big 3’ of Manning, Rivers and Roethlisberger the next highest rated QB was Matt Schaub taken in the 3rd round and he is the only remaining QB in the league from this draft. So, should we have looked into the future and taken Schaub?


Matt Schaub career averages as a starter.

2,642 yds, 12 TD/ 9.5 INT (1.26 ratio), 89.9 RTG


From these numbers we can see that Jake is a superior starter statistically, furthermore enhanced by Schaub’s propensity to injury the last 2 years.


FA: No starting caliber QBs available.


2004-05 Offseason- Jake had the best season of his career and was named to the probowl. Unlikely we would have looked for a QB, but who did we pass on?


DRAFT: We passed on Jason Campbell, Kyle Orton


Jason Campbell career averages as a starter

2,972 yds, 12.5 TD/ 8.5 INT (1.47 ratio), 80.95 RTG


Kyle Orton

2,420 yds, 13.5 TD/12.5 INT (1.08 ratio), 69.65 RTG

Jake is statistically superior to both available QBs.


FA: Kurt Warner was the only available QB of note. He came off a horrible season with the Giants and there was no predictor to indicate that he would return to form.


2005-06 Offseason- This is around the time we could be looking for a QB of the future. So, who did we pass on?


DRAFT: Passed on Kellen Clemmens, Tavaris Jackson


No statistical analysis needed, both are significantly statistically inferior to Delhomme.


FA: Drew Brees, John Kitna, Jeff Garcia


Yes, we didn’t pursue Drew Brees. He was the no.1 available QB in the FA, but the cap simply didn’t allow us to make a move for him. Especially after extensions to Delhomme and Steve Smith.


2006-07 Offseason- Again, this is around the time we would be looking for a QB.


DRAFT: Passed on Brady Quinn, Kevin Kolb, Trent Edwards, Troy Smith.


Realistically, the only comparison can be made with Trent Edwards, the other 3 have not been a full season starter.


Trent Edwards career averages as a starter

2,164 yds, 9 TD/9 INT (1 ratio), 77.9 RTG


FA: No significant starting talent.


2007-08 Offseason: This would have been the prime time to get a starting QB. Jake was injured, we were picking high… so, who did we pass on?


DRAFT: Joe Flacco, Brian Brohm, Chad Henne


For all of ‘Flacco-mania’ his stats are as follows

2,971 yds, 14 TD/ 12 INT (1.16 ratio), 80.3 RTG


I know it’s not really fair because he’s only had 1 full season. But, was it worth us not having Jonathan Stewart or Jeff Otah to take Flacco? You decide.


FA: Rex Grossman, Daunte Culpepper


No statistical analysis needed.


2008-09 Offseason- Again, we would be looking at a QB here. So, who did we pass on?

DRAFT: Stephen McGee, Rhett Bomar, Nate Davis, Tom Brandstater


No analysis needed, no data. I personally don’t think any of these QBs could be better than Jake.


FA: Matt Cassell, Kyle Boller, Michael Vick


Cassell was had on the cheap, however, who knows how much of it was a ‘special discount’ for Scott Pioli. Did he call in an old favor? Cassell had an amazing season as a starter, but who knows what he will do in KC. As for Vick, it remains to be seen if he can play QB, but prior to his sentence here were his stats


Michael Vick career averages as a starter

2,533 YDS, 16.25 TD/ 11.5 INT (1.41 ratio) 77.27 RTG


Inferior to Jake in every category




Final Analysis: To the people who want Jake gone: Who do you think we should have gotten? Realistically year to year there has not been significant talent via the draft or FA to secure a QB more capable than Jake. Could Flacco be the answer? Will Schaub, Quinn or Edwards become pro-bowlers? It’s too early to tell. Analysis of the ’08 draft was that we were high on Matt Ryan and if he slid past 3 we were going to make a move, but Atlanta snatched him up.


Have I missed something? Some amazing NFL QB that has been missed? Please comment. What I do know is that even with only a second rounder next season it is an insanely deep draft for QBs and there aren’t a lot of teams left who would realistically spend a 1st or 2nd rounder on one. This is a very good thing for our future potential.






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