Panther Paw Prints - Week 2 TC Edition


What started as a very depressing camp with a rash of injuries might now be switching gears to a more positive energy in week 2. Give the credit to a defense that appears to be more aggressive, quicker and 'ball-hawkish' this camp. John Fox declared todays practice the best yet. None too soon with the Giants game approaching. Can you believe we are less than a week away from our first preseason game?

But I digress. Here's my preferred print so far in week 2 starting with the 'best practice yet' link:

Darin Gantt's Panthers Blog | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
Panthers coach John Fox declared it the best practice of camp, after a spirited two-hour session which included three near-fights and lots of trash talk and some solid play by the defense. You can tell the Panthers defenders are enjoying the swarm-to-the-ball style of new coordinator Ron Meeks, as their side is doing most of the laughing. The offense seems to be getting a little tired of being tugged upon, as the defense works intently on creating turnovers.

  • Is Dwayne Jarrett ready to step up or not? Maybe we will see Monday night.

Panthers adjust as Smith begins healing
"What he's done this year in camp is a big jump," Delhomme said. "I think Dwayne's the one. They're all doing well, but I see a big jump in Dwayne."

"This is an opportunity for me," Jarrett added. "I just have to seize it at its moment, go out there, do what I'm capable of doing and just keep working hard."

Running like a pro
"You get in a hole and everybody's swiping at it; everybody's pulling," Goodson said. "When you hit the holes here, there's a big emphasis on ripping the ball out. Just like that," he said, snapping his fingers, "they can take the ball out. So you've really got to wrap it up when you get inside the holes. When you break out, you can go ahead and loosen it up, but when you're inside the holes, you've really got to wrap it up."


  • The Big Cat is a "Players Owner"

Mason's Minutes: Inspiring words
"When an owner walks through the locker room at any other place, guys turn the other way or try to hide. Guys flock to him and go to him. That's the honest-to-goodness truth," quarterback Jake Delhomme said. "There's a certain respect players have for guys who played the game, and we have the only owner who ever played the game. That's very big."

  • This rookie is a quick study:

Mason's Minutes: Smith X-rays negative
8:10 P.M. EDT: Ron Meeks preaches for players to keep pursuing. Corvey Irvin does just that, catching up to Mike Goodson downfield after a grab.

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