Panther Paw Prints - Steve McNair Edition

This edition of Paw Prints starts with a couple pertinent articles related to Steve McNair whom I'm sure you have heard was found murdered earlier this week. I could argue McNair was the very first draft blunder in Panther history, meaning the Panthers blundered by trading the #1 pick and selecting Kerry Collins instead of keeping the pick and selecting McNair. The first reference starts with some dialogue that took place between McNair and the Panthers which I had never heard before:

Excerpts: McNair stories from 1995 -
"They told me they'd like to get a quarterback if they can," McNair said. "They want somebody to build their franchise around. They said they'd be narrowing that list to three in the next week or so. I told them I'm their man."

This next one from discusses what had might have been if the Panthers had selected McNair.

What if? McNair could have been a Panther -
If the Panthers had chosen "Air" McNair No.1 in 1995, it's quite possible he would have been the franchise's starter for the next decade. Instead, the Panthers had seven starting QBs during that time.

Rest in Peace Steve, you deserved better.

Continuing on here is a nice piece on the Brinkley brothers, Panther Casper and rookie Viking Jasper.

Training camp separates the Brinkleys | GoGamecocks
"Only thing I tell him is to be positive," Casper said. "Take a deep breath and take things one day at a time. Don’t put too much on your plate." Casper said the biggest adjustment in becoming an NFL player was "staying in the playbook. The hardest part was the playbook and all of the meeting time."

From the 2009 predictions closet we get one doozy and some more Panther disrespect.

Pointless 2009 predictions -
3) Carolina Panthers - well Jake Delhomme needs his team to run it. Does not matter. The Panthers know that unless they win the superbowl, they will have a new coach after this season, Bill Cowher.

Really? Is that what we know?Hey, one bright side is you can get some really good Vegas odds on the Panthers.

NFL Power Rankings -
13. Carolina Panthers - Everyone has the Panthers as a top 5 team, I don't see it. Yes there's DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart which everyone thinks is the best rushing game well its actually #4. Delhomme is 34/35 now. Steve Smith is great, Mushy is old. Jarrett is looking better. Lost a couple players in your secondary and Julius Peppers wants out. Your LBs are solid. I still see you as a good team but not an elite team.

Finally we will wrap up with the latest videos involving the Panthers from NFL Network programs:

NFL Videos: 32 in 32: Carolina Panthers
32 in 32: Carolina Panthers

NFL Videos: Panthers discussion
Panthers discussion that again gets down on Jake and the Cardinals game.

NFL Videos: 2009 Coach Feature: John Fox
2009 Coach Feature: John Fox

Nothing too ground breaking though I was surprised to hear Marshall Faulk say he did not think the Panthers will win the division. I was thinking he had already picked the Panthers to win the division in an earlier program a couple weeks ago. I could just be remembering it wrong.

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