Panther Paw Prints - Thursday Edition

This edition of Paw Prints starts with a view on TE Dante Rosario:

TRAINING CAMP PREVIEW: Panthers will look to run the ball behind solid line -
Rosario’s job is not as secure as it might seem. Sure, he had a 100-yard receiving game in last year’s season opener vs. San Diego, but was largely invisible the rest of the year. He also committed a number of false start penalties. Throw in the fact that he’s returning from back surgery and he could find himself in a battle with Brock and Davie for the third tight end spot.

If this happens I thinks its more because Barnidge raised his game more than Rosario messed up. But in the end it would not matter.

  • Could this be the Panthers Achilles Heel?

Offensive line reserves enter camp with much to prove -
As long as the Panthers stay healthy along the line, as happened during their 2003 Super Bowl season, depth won't be an issue. But if they have a year anything like last season, when backups combined for 13 starts, depth will be critical to their chances of success.

  • This rookie is still saying the right things:

Camp Countdown: Defensive end
"When they are pass rushing and getting after the quarterback, they are going to do whatever it takes, and that's what Coach Meeks wants," Brown said. " That fits exactly into my style. That's what I believe. That's how I play every down."

  • Here's one of my 'favorites' (oun intended) to make the team:

Camp Countdown: Defensive tackle
"I took a look at the depth chart and the coaches were telling me about how they really needed a nose guard and how they wanted me to come in and compete," Favorite said. "It seemed like the perfect opportunity, so I didn't hesitate." Favorite's advantage as he attempts to claim a spot on the practice squad or 53-man roster rests in a college environment afforded him the chance to study professional defensive concepts while playing both nose and three-technique defensive tackle. "Coach Meeks' defense is extremely familiar, so (learning it) is not really a hard process for me," Favorite said. "So far, learning the defense has been pretty easy after the past years."

I like the thought of having a guy of Kemo's size backing him up. When Kemo went down with injury last season the Panthers had no comparable replacement.

  • Who's missing from this scenario?

Carolina Panthers: Five Position Battles to Watch at Camp | Bleacher Report
Brown has good speed that will fit better in a Ron Meeks system, but Brayton is the better all around player and the Vet, so this one could get very interesting, especially if Brayton knees Brown in the groin.

I bet Charles Johnson has something to say about this.

Mr. Vick goes to Washington? Redskins-Vick rumors heat up - Shutdown Corner... - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
One of which was a Tweet from Chris Cooley's(notes) brother that asked why Vick was seen near Redskins Park last night. Another was a thinly-sourced item from PFT (are there any other kind?) that said there are "subtle indications" that the Redskins are interested in Vick. (I may call shenanigans on that one, as the Redskins front office usually has the subtlety of a jackhammer.) Not exactly concrete stuff, but interesting nonetheless.

He's a perfect fit in Washington. The Panthers won't see Vick on the field if this scenario pans out as they play the 'Skins week 4 (Vick has a six game suspension).

  • Does this sound familiar?

Darin Gantt's Panthers Blog | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
"It was definitely not a good game for us, it was something to remember about how you don’t want to finish the season," tackle Jordan Gross said. "So it’s in the back of our mind. ... It’s definitely something we want to make sure doesn’t happen again." "Yeah, it’s difficult," quarterback Jake Delhomme said of stewing through the offseason after such a thorough and dispiriting loss. "You feel like you didn’t do your part, you feel like you let your teammates down, and that’s something, as any kind of professional, if you have any kind of heartbeat inside of you, you want to do well for your teammates. "It was just a day, ... I didn’t play well. We didn’t play well, plain and simple."

If you think its from aftet the Cardinals game you would be wrong. It's after the loss to the Seahawks in 2006. Rather than acknowledge the pattern I'm hoping that instead this will provide the drive to win it this year!

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