Panther Paw Prints: Training Camp Preview Edition

This edition of Paw Prints begins with a pretty good slide show of hot camp topics from the Bleacher Report; some of which is predictable of course. I found this one interesting:

Chemistry | Carolina Panthers 2009 Training Camp Preview
New quarterbacks coach Rip Scherer has already made some changes to Jake Delhomme's offseason workout routine, and it is likely that some changes will be made in regards to how training camp is run.

What kind of changes might we see? Delhomme has already mentioned the barrels used for practicing the corner end zone throws have been replaced with something new. Radical change I know... let's not forget the Panther version of change comes in small increments. I'll keep an open mind though and keep an eye out for more radical differences.

Darin Gantt's Panthers Blog | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
The Raiders chose Sulak 199th overall (two spots before they traded for the Panthers sixth), but released him before ever signing him. Partly, that's because they signed Greg Ellis to go with an already good group of rushers. "He'd be a fine addition for any team," Lattinville said. "And there's no lack of motivation, that's for sure."

Only in Oakland...Sure, let's stash a 6th round pick on the PS for cheap, no problem here with worst case scenario.

  • Andrew Mason continues his position reviews,starting with Ryne "Don't forget about me" Robinson:

Camp Countdown: Returners
"I was away for what seemed like a really long time," said Robinson, who missed some early summer-school sessions with "a little aggravation" in the knee, but was moving at full speed shortly thereafter. "I'm just glad they haven't forgotten about me and are giving me a chance to play again."

One nice run back early in preseason will jolt my memory.

  • I'm hoping JJ Jansen wins the LS spot just soe I can call him J3. R3 you will have some competition ;)

Camp Countdown: Kicking game
"That was frustrating, to be so close," Jansen said, "but it's given me a lot of drive to come back and do it again.

  •  A chip? It's more like they have Cardinal $hit on their shoulder!

Bitter playoff loss left Panthers with giant chip on the shoulder -
"He has been a leader on the field, is a talented quarterback, is a perfect fit for our team and was a big reason we were able to win the NFC South last year," general manager Marty Hurney said after striking the deal. Former NFL quarterback Trent Green says the contract, which created salary-cap space, is a reminder to Delhomme's teammates that he is the unquestioned leader in Carolina. "Had they gone out and picked someone up, that sends a message," Green says. "But they chose to go the other way. They said, 'You're our guy. And we want to reinforce it.' "That's only going to spark (Delhomme's) fire more."

  • Finally a voice of reason:

Page 2 — Carolina Panthers - How will they fair in the NFC South? — BetUS Locker Room
Sure, there are holes in Carolina, but the fundamentals are not bad. This is a team that can control the ball on the ground, with either of its running backs, has the capacity to minimize mistakes, gets big plays from a star wide receiver and can get after the passer. On an overall basis, they are more solid than New Orleans, and if they stay relatively healthy, they will compete with Atlanta for the division title.

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