Panther Paw Prints - Weekend Edition

Here's a weekend edition of Paw Prints. I hope you find them interesting. If you are in the Carolina's stay cool this weekend as we are hitting 100 degrees tomorrow in some parts.

  • This piece is the perfect follow-up to my 'bold' prediction yesterday regarding Julius Peppers status for 2009.

Peppers text message says he'll be at training camp -
"My friend, one of the linebackers said 'hey look at this we got a text from Julius'," Mixon told The Insiders on Thursday. "The text said 'hey, out here in Arizona working out, I won't be early for camp but I won't be late, and I'll be ready to go."

Maybe they were pulling Mick's leg but either way I stand by my prediction.

  • Ever since hearing that Marshall might move inside on passing downs and play the nickle position I've wondered where Martin fits in.

Foxhole: Martin making transition

Really, the biggest hurdle is just learning our system, our language. It's just like learning a new language. It's not physical as much as it is mental.

So what position is he learning exactly? CB, Nickel or dime?

  • In case you forgot, here's why Rod Smart used the moniker "He Hate Me" on his jersey in the Arena League

NFL Players Association › Rod Smart Interview
Of course, I did the name to get the notoriety but I [also] showed my talents. I’m a competitive player and that showed on the field. With the name, I wanted to show that I can beat my opponent on the field. So when I’m done beating my opponent, "He Hate Me."

Too funny still to this day.

  • File this one under "Gross Reporting Errors":

NFL Futures: Carolina Panthers Super Bowl XLIV, NFC & Division Odds to Win
The Panthers’ running game will once again be the backbone of the offense. The duo of DeShaun Foster and Jonathan Stewart were explosive last year and carried Carolina into the playoffs. But Delhomme almost single-handedly sunk them in their divisional round game with eventual NFC champs Arizona by throwing six interceptions.

Sloppy research on the Foster reference but I've seen many people reference Jakes six INT's. For the record it was six turnovers, 5 INT's and a fumble.

  • Greg Ellis mentions he has interest in Coming to Carolina

Greg Ellis Expresses interest in Redskins and Panthers  -
This may not be a direct link but if you can find the list of audio interviews it should be there. I have to be honest I was interrupted while listening to the 9 minute interview and must have missed the reference to the Panthers and didn't have time to hear it if someone else can give us a transcript...thanks!

Hey, maybe Pep does an about face and signs a LT deal freeing up space to go after a vet DE who could help us. Weirder things have happened.

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