Panther Paw Prints - June OTA's Edition

With the June OTA's wrapped up here are some recent articles of interest. MP already pointed out this first one but I think its worth mentioning again.

Darin Gantt's Panthers Blog - OTA Day 7 | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
Small note, but an interesting one as they worked on two-minute offense against nickel defense Thursday. Even though he's a starter this year, CB Richard Marshall will maintain his inside responsibilities when they go to three corners. C.J. Wilson will cover an outside receiver when they go to an extra DB. Second-round pick CB Sherrod Martin's also getting a look at the nickel spot, as the converted safety is working to learn a new position.

Hopefully this is more a vote of confidence in CJ Wilson more than anything else. It the Panthers could find even a starting nickel back or even outside corner in the 7th round would be quite a find.

The Associated Press: Panthers' Beavers hopes to make small-college jump
"I think I can get faster," Beavers said. "Hopefully I'll get a chance to prove myself."

If this guy goes any faster he'll have to get a license plate. I'm sure he will get the chance he is looking for but even if he shines he is still longer odds than the horse that just finished last at the Belmont last weekend.

Godfrey seeks breakthrough second season | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
"Now is kind of the time, I'm looking at it as ‘No excuses,'" Godfrey said. "You're not a rookie anymore, you've played a year, there's no excuses, you go out and play and make plays, and that's the bottom line."

This article points out one of my questions about Godfrey from his rookie season, where was the 'ball-hawk'? A single INT and a handful of PD's was not too impressive over 16 games. Godfrey does seem to have the skills to get a lot better so combined with Meeks influence hopefully we'll see some FS play we haven't seen in years.

Panthers' run game gets a key cog back - RG Keydrick Vincent |
"What they do on offense is what I'm built for," he said. "I'm a run blocker. I can pass block a little bit, but we're going to out-physical you. That's what I'm made for. That's what I do. I'm not a finesse guy."

"I'm not a finesse guy", I LOVE it. Vincent had to be a 'non-fit' in Arizona's passing offense but he was a great fit here. I think those predictions that rookie Duke Robinson might unseat Vincent are baseless. He's healthy again and given how well he and Otah dominated on the right side I think the motto "If it ain't broke don't fix it" fits here well.

Panthers rookie QB hopes to shake last year's struggles | cantwell, think, quarterback - Sports - The Star Online : The Newspaper of Cleveland County
(Concerning Hunter Cantwell) "I think he's shown some maturity and shown he can deal with the veteran pressure," Muhammad said. "He looks comfortable. I think he's out here throwing the ball well. I think every rookie is going to make some mistakes and that is a given, that's expected. But what you want is a guy who can eliminate some of those mistakes and learn from the coaches and not make the same mistakes over and over again. I think he's a guy who can probably do that."

He'd have to set the world on fire to make the team buthe could hold up for a season on the practice squad. He's the kind of guy if things go well might get a shot down the road when Jake retires.

Otah says Panthers rookie DE Brown has 'unexpected strength' | brown, otah, right - Sports - The Star Online : The Newspaper of Cleveland County
"Playing against a guy like Jeff is going to put me ahead of the learning curve," Brown said. "He's not only big, but he's good at what he does. He's been in the league. It's really making me work on my technique because some of the things I did in college don't necessarily work. He's making me work and sharpen my tools."

For a guy like Otah to say Brown is strong is a pleasant surprise though he may be referring 'leverage' strong and not necessarily 'bench press' strong. Hey, thats how the smaller DE's survive in this league, by using leverage versus pure braun. Add in some strength and you have the next coming of Dwight Freeney (I know, the analogy is over-used). If Brown can play the run too then pencil him in on the left side for years to come.

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