Panthers Round 5 Draft Pick: Duke Robinson OT

Ncf_g_robinson_200_mediumIt's always interesting to see how a draft ranked C and D all over various sites can be grades simply because of a single trade. Meanwhile, the Panthers catch fallers in all positions including this latest player Duke Robinson whom was taken all the way down in the 5th round.

Let me take you guys back a bit. It's in the 4th round of the NFL Draft. We had our own little draft board of guards and tackles at the start of the 4th round waiting for our next pick. All of the sudden we're on the board. Robinson is available. Then we're all wondering what the heck happened as the Panthers select fullback Tony Fiammetta in the 4th round.

We're upset for a few seconds, but it quickly passes over as we do research and figure out that he was one of, if not the best fullback in the draft: A worthy successor to Brad Hoover. As if a act of divine providence, Robinson continues to fall and the Panthers land him at pick #163 in the 5th round. He's a road grader that will be able to take a starting position within the next few years. He is an absolute steal in the 5th round.

Upside: A

There is no other grade you can possibly give when you take a player this good this late in the 5th round. He has all the tools to physically dominate his opponent to provide the RB lanes in the running game. He's a big, massive player with the ability to engulf and put away the average DT in this league. He has good quickness off the snap, long arms to keep the defender from pulling away easy. He plays just as well in the passing game as well. He has developed a good first punch to give his opponent a shock coming onto the play, and if they're stunned or don't commit to the rush they're usually wrapped up and defeated.

Downside: A

Needs to learn to be on the move a little more with a smaller, faster DT. Spends too much time on the ground. If he does not get the initial slowdown with his first punch on passing downs, he struggles to adjust through the rest of the play.

Fit: A

The Panthers lost nearly all of their OL depth during the offseason when Jeremy Bridges, Geoff Hangartner, and Frank Omiyale all signing with other teams. We clearly needed depth, and this rookie performs that and gives us a future starter. I'll bet that he eventually takes over for Keydrick Vincent when he's done in Carolina. It would make perfect sense.

In the end, we just have a good player that fell far beyond his value. I can't believe he fell this far in the draft. We'll be sure to give him a happy home here in Carolina.

OG Duke Robinson Highlights Oklahoma 2008 (via DraftParty)

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