Panthers Draft Pick #111: Mike Goodson (RB)


Mike Goodson

Upside: B-

Mike Goodson played three years of college football at Texas A & M before entering the draft this year. He showed big potential his freshman year after leading the Big 12 with 847 yards on an average of 6.7 yard per carry. He had the 7th quickest 40 time at the combine of all the running backs with a 4.54. He's a quick versatile player that can make defenders miss in the open field. He also brings more than a backup running back to the table. He shown the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and in the slot position.

Downside: C

There are injury/durability concerns as a running back in the NFL. He missed playing time in 2006 and 2008 with knee injuries and wasn't able to workout during his pro day because of a tweaked hamstring. He's also not the strongest running back, which means he's not a good fit as an every down player.

Reports of discontent with his coaches also raises concerns. Some scouting reports have indicated this is why he left after his junior year, this and the lack of playing time. However, if he didn't like his playing time in college, it's not likely to improve with the Panthers.



Fit: A-

With two quality running backs on the roster, DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, this pick at first glance is a mystery. However, last year we only had three active running backs and by releasing Nick Goings were down to only two. With Decori Birmingham as the only other current RB on the team, depth was a big concern. But there is more in store for Goodson. The Panthers also talked to him about playing the slot receiver and being used as a kick/punt returner. Being able to provide all of theses services in one players is a great asset and provided he shows the ability for these jobs, should be an easy roster decision.

Having three specialized players last year in a KO specialist, KR/PR, and dedicated long snapper took away the possibility of additional depth on the defensive line. Granted we are not likely to give up either Lloyd or a dedicated long snapper this season, but even one extra spot is a big deal.

Provided he doesn't mind being a role player, he's should make a great addition to the Panthers.


Scouting Reports:

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Highlight Reels:

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