Panther Draft Prospect Updates

Just when I was starting to question the value of my Panther Insider membership (via I stumbled upon the blog by Senior analyst Ed Thompson. Thompson has good insight on what many of us see as potential Panther targets (note: if you don't have a account some of these links won't work). Though I don't post entire articles when I pull from paid content I've scoured for some Panther-related tidbits:

Panthers Eying a Mid-Round QB?

According to a league source, the team has shown significant interest in Michigan St. signal caller Brian Hoyer.

Although the team has yet to have a pre-draft visit with him, the coaching staff had a meeting with Hoyer during February's NFL combine and they may work him out prior to this month's draft.

Here's a link to his stats. Here's a scouting report that is not so glowing, suggesting Hoyer may actually be a UDFA target. That is my guess.


On what makes DT Fili Moala special  

In his own words, that is. Fili_moala_medium

"I think I'm one of the best, and I'm not trying to be cocky or put anyone else down, because there are some pretty good defensive tackles in this class," he said. "But I think I bring a certain skill set that is versatile, I play hard, I've got a motor, and I think I do all the things that a coach would want a defensive tackle to do.

"I think I'm kind of a raw talent right now, and once I get settled on a new team and put all my energy towards fine-tuning my skills, I'm confident that I'm going to produce for whichever team takes me."

Unbelievably the Panthers are not listed as one of the teams interested in Moala. Check out those guns!






A Possible Late Round CB?

Here's a late round CB from a small school that might be worth a pick: Don Carey from Norfolk St. Carey was accepted to Yale but instead stayed home.

The very personable and talented 5-foot-11, 192-pound defensive back is going to be a terrific addition to the NFL team that drafts him at the end of the month. He intercepted five passes, recovered a pair of fumbles and made 42 tackles during his senior campaign.  Carey recently talked to me about his career, his skills and why he'll be successful at the next level.

Ed Thompson:  Talk about the skills you possess that you believe are going to make you successful in the NFL.

Don Carey: I can play both corner and safety equally well and excel at both.  I'm a fast learner, and I adapt easily and quickly. I'm a physical player who likes to get up and jam receivers. I like coming up for the run and delivering a hit. Put all that together and that's what I think I have over a lot of other guys.

His versatility will interest a few teams I imagine. It seems Darin Gantt likes Carey as well.


Comparing QB Josh Freeman to 'the other two'

I just watched video from that compares the top 3 QB's and I was left some definite impressions regarding Kansas St Josh Freeman as compared to Matt Stafford and Mark Sanchez.

First, Freeman is easily the most athletically gifted and maneuvers in the pocket very well. He showed a number of moves to avoid pass rushers and does have a strong arm. He has one obvious fault and that was staring down his receivers. He didn't seem to check off or pump fake at all so that is something he will have to work on. Just my humble and unprofessional opinion anyway.

It seems there is no way Freeman falls to #59 so I should really stop talking about him. But I can't help it!!


Help, I can't stop mocking!

Here's a mock draft selection on for the Panthers I didn't like at first but it does makes some sense: 

27. Carolina Panthers Eric Wood, C/G, Louisville - Depth has been weakened by the loss of guard Jeremy Bridges and center/guard Geoff Hangartner. The Panthers' return to prominence in 2008 was due in large part to their running game. Wood played center in college, but projects as either a guard or center in the NFL, giving the Panthers effectively two players that could fill in immediately at either position and develop into a starter if kept at one spot.

If Wood is still there at #59 Fox might just take him. He could beat out RG Keydrick Vincent giving the Panthers one very young but talented offensive line. Personally I'd rather see the Panthers wait a round or two and get a guy like Antoine Caldwell, whom Mike Mayock has rated as the 5th best center prospect who can play all three interior positions.


Listen to the Chatter!

On a final note referring back to Darin Gantt his latest notion that DE Julius Peppers is going to be traded comes from all the NFL 'chatter'.

I keep hearing that even though the Panthers have just five picks now, the chances of them only using five picks on draft weekend is slim. Just from the chatter out there among other teams, they're looking to add picks, even if they don't or won't move Julius Peppers.

So how would the Panthers add picks yet not trade Peppers I wonder? Mortgage future picks yet again? Trade next years #1 for a #2 or lower this year? I bet a team that looks at our schedule might like that idea. Me? I say suck it up this year unless you are dead sure of getting a starter but who on earth could slide to the 2nd round that the Panthers would give up next years first? This is just getting ridiculous trying to consider all the scenarios.

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