1st Day Roundup! Good day or Bad Day?

Well guys, Julius Peppers didn't get traded. I was wrong. I thought that he would be gone, but for some reason John Fox thought differently of it. No matter, we still have a draft to do.

The 1st day of the draft was pretty nutty, from its mood right now to the selection of the players. Depending on how you look at it, the Panthers may or may not have participated right along with the kookieness of the draft, you will have to look upon it and judge it yourself.


The Panthers traded away their 1st round draft pick in 2010 in order to pick up Everette Brown at pick #43, a defensive end from Florida State. The Panthers will also receive another pick in the 4th round. Whether or not you like this pick, it fills an obvious need the Panthers have in the D-Line. It gives the Panthers another good guy to pair up beside Julius Peppers, and hopefully he can contribute a good amount of plays with Julius Peppers taking all the double teams.

The question is this: Was it worth it?

There were many teams that ranked Everette Brown in the first round, as well as countless mock drafts. He's a fast, speedy defensive end with plenty of room for additional athletic growth. When you think of Brown, think of the Indianapolis Colt's Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis and you'll have a good image of how he will play. We'll have to wait till training camp to see whether he has the talent to start as a rookie, but he's going to have to play like a 1st round pick if he's going to placate the Panther fans from getting pissed this time next year.

FSU DE Everette Brown Highlights (via BXSportsCenter)

Hurrah for Highlights!

So did he demand the big move up to get him? I think so. First round talent falling to the middle of the 2nd round is always an appetizing thing to watch. To be honest though, I would have rather just moved up with the draft picks we have now rather than the first rounders we'll have later. John Fox/Marty Hurney must be very high on him if he's going to make a big move to get him. In order for this pick to be worth it, he must be able to start and produce as a rookie.

You can look up his college stats here and his NFL Draft profile here.


But he wasn't really the story of the 09 NFL Draft. It wasn't even close. The real story of our draft was the pick we chose at our original pick in the 2nd round. With Jason Gilbert, Michael Johnson, and Sean Smith all still on the board the Panthers selected Sherrod Martin, a safety from Troy with the 59th overall in the NFL draft.

Most people's reaction was "Who is this guy? We don't need a safety!"

I can understand the Panther's thinking process though. This is a guy that doesn't have the bulk to make it as a safety in the NFL, nor will we need it with the two guys we have now. We're quite fine with Chris Harris and Charles Godfrey making plays for us in the SS and FS position. However he will convert to CB, and that's what the Panthers may be looking at when they took him at the 59th spot.

Sherrod Martin INT (via sbctroy)

He has the abilities needed, and for those who fuss at the Panthers for taking him over Smith it may be important to note that Sherrod Martin beat him in nearly every category of competition in the NFL Combine. He has a better vertical jump, better benchpress, and they both share the same 40 times hovering right above a 4.4 speed. With good coaching he will convert to the corner position just fine, and we'll have a good player to put on the field during our nickel packages.

We'll see today if it was the right decision. We still have needs at our DT position as well some guys for our O-Line depth. If I had the choice at pick #59, Jarron Gilbert would have been a Panther. Good thing I'm not a coach. We still need a good run-stopping DT to pair up with Kemo. If we can find one, then the draft will be worth it. If we can find a good O-Lineman or two after that, then we will have really had a good draft.


Well that's it guys. Welcome Everette Brown and Sherrod Martin, your new Carolina Panthers!

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